Statements of Good Practice


SID’s Statements of Good Practice have been developed to provide guidelines on certain fundamental issues of board performance, accountability and corporate responsibility, in a succinct and practical way. These Statements are not meant to be overly prescriptive and are of a general and introductory nature as they deal with different and varying issues.

To date, the following Statements have been issued:


SGP No. 17/2021: Boards and Corporate Culture


SGP No. 16/2020: Cyber Security Risk Management
SGP No. 15/2018: Against Bribery and Corruption
SGP No. 14/2016: Disclosures and SGX Announcements
SGP No. 13/2014: Whistleblowing Policy
SGP No. 12/2011: Share Pledging By Directors Who Are Controlling Shareholders
SGP No. 11/2010: Appointing Alternate Directors
SGP No. 10/2013: Fees Payable to Non-executive Directors
SGP No. 9/2008: Guiding The Remuneration Committee
SGP No. 8/2008: Board Evaluations
SGP No. 7/2007 The Role, Duties and Responsibilities of the Independent Director
SGP No. 6/2006: Tenure and Termination of Board
SGP No. 5/2006: Conflicts of Interest
SGP No. 4/2006: The Role of the Audit Committee
SGP No. 3/2005: Executive Directors Holding Non-Executive Positions Elsewhere
SGP No. 2/2005: Process for Appointment of New Directors
SGP No. 1/2005: Directors’ Professional Development

SID is grateful to the various Council Members and members of the Institute who have volunteered their valuable time to share their expertise and experience in the development of these Statements.

These Statements of Good Practice (the ‘SGPs’) were issued by the Singapore Institute of Directors (‘SID’) to serve as guides and for reference only. SID does not make any representation, or accept any responsibility with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the SGPs. Further, each SGP has not been updated since the date of publication as indicated for that SGP.