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SID provides Board Appointment Services to members. Through Board Listings and Board Match services, members will be notified of available board opportunities from commercial and nonprofit organisations. For Board Listings, applications will be forwarded directly to the organisation for the company’s review and selection. For Board Match services, SID will shortlist candidates for the company’s review.


Board Appointment Services


A balanced and diverse board of directors encourages different perspectives and considered decision-making, characteristics of high performing boards. Research shows a correlation between board diversity and organisational performance.

Most organisations use personal networks or look to their board and management when searching for board candidates. Why not widen your reach without having to turn to professional search firms?

SID has an extensive directory of directors – ready and qualified to serve as independent directors on boards. Our members comprise directors of private businesses, public listed companies (in Singapore and abroad), and nonprofit organisations. They have the depth and breadth of technical competencies and professional experience, with a diverse range of backgrounds. SID’s Continuing Professional Development requirements and comprehensive training curriculum ensure that its members are professionally equipped and up-to-date with the latest developments in directorship and boardroom matters.


SID offers board appointment services that organisations can tap on to search for suitable board members. Talk to us to help you choose between:
Board Match – A dedicated service for organisations seeking to appoint directors. View details >
Board Listing – A listing service for organisations to advertise board positions. View details >

Kay Pang

Nera Telecommunications – Independent Director (Chair, Nominating Committee and Member, Remuneration Committee)

I was glad to have applied for the board position via SID's Board Listing Service, which was an efficient way to explore numerous board opportunities. I appreciated that SID encourages diversity of talent and transparency in the selection process. Ultimately, it led to me securing a role where I can contribute my expertise and drive impactful change.

Saim Yong Harng

Image Mission Ltd – Independent Director

I am delighted to share my experience on SID's Board Listing service. This platform played a pivotal role in helping me secure a meaningful board role with Image Mission Ltd, a nonprofit organisation. Through SID’s Board Appointment Services and networking events, I came to know about the organisation, its vision, mission, values and the people who run it. I am truly grateful that SID has provided me with the opportunity to venture into the nonprofit sector as a director.

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