PSP - Pit-Stops




Course description

The Pit-Stop series is specially designed to help board members explore in greater detail specific areas of significance to board-level committees (audit, risk, nominating and remuneration). Other board directors and senior management will also benefit from the Pit-Stops, which drill down into specialised areas of interest. The series is focused on defined current topics relevant to audit, risk, nominating and remuneration committees. Pit-Stop sessions present an opportunity for participants to ask questions, share and discuss topical issues within the realm of the committees.

Course objectives

  1. Equip directors with fundamental understanding of specific topics to enable them to ask pertinent questions of management and external professional service providers.
  2. Provide a platform for sharing and discussion on issues relevant to audit, risk, nominating and remuneration committees.
  3. Highlight learning points and encourage thought leadership in boardroom in Singapore.

Course outline

A specific topic, based on regulatory trends or corporate governance, will be the focus for each event. The theme is decided by SID in consultation with the partner organisation, if any. The title, content and thrust of  Pit-Stops, by their nature, may change depending upon the timing of delivery. New topics and sessions will be added during the year. The following topics are planned for 2024:

• PSP1: The art of resolving tax disputes.
• PSP2: Board’s role in Crisis Management
• PSP3: Board Succession.

Target audience

Chairs and members of audit, risk, nominating and remuneration committees, directors and senior management who work closely with boards.

Course duration

2 hours (per session).


Presentation with case studies, and Q&A.

Course Fee

SID members: $109.00 (incl. 9% GST)
Non-members: $141.70 (incl. 9% GST)

SID members: $65.40 (incl. 9% GST)
Non-members: $109.00 (incl. 9% GST)

CPD hours

2 hours (per session).