BDC - Board Conversations




Course description

The Board Conversation series is designed to encourage sharing and learning on topics of interest and impact to boards and directors. The closed-door sessions focus on issues relevant to the board and each of the main board committees. Each Board Conversation is hosted by SID in collaboration with a partner organisation. A select group of chairmen or CEOs will be invited to discuss a specific topic in a roundtable setting.

Course objectives

  1. Provide a convivial setting for peer chairmen and CEOs to focus on a relevant topic of interest and value.
  2. Share learning points and engage with peers to benefit from multiple perspectives and different approaches.
  3. Enable participants to further contribute to the development of board thinking and leadership practices in Singapore.

Course outline

A main topic, based on a current hot governance issue, will be the focus for each event. The specific topic will depend upon the group of chairmen or CEOs and the prevailing issues of interest. The theme is decided by SID in consultation with the partner organisation. Each session usually begins with a presentation on the selected topic and a series of discussion points followed by facilitated dialogue amongst the peer chairmen or CEOs, according to the following categories.

• BDC1: Board.
• BDC2: Audit Committee.
• BDC3: Board Risk Committee.
• BDC4: Nominating Committee.
• BDC5: Remuneration Committee.
• BDC6: CEO.

Target audience

Board chairmen, chairmen of relevant board committees and CEOs.

Course duration

2 hours (per session).


Presentation, roundtable exchange and facilitated discussion.

Course Fee

Complimentary (By invitation only).

CPD hours

2 hours (per session).