IDP - SID-INSEAD International Directors Programme




Course description

The Singapore Institute of Directors has partnered with leading business school INSEAD and the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre to bring the acclaimed International Directors Programme (IDP) to Asia. The IDP seeks to develop more effective directors for the increasingly complex governance challenges presented by dynamic global markets. Conducted in three modules , the programme is designed to take directors to the next level by going beyond compliance and focusing on excellence in board practice. The IDP offers practical and tested frameworks as well as tools to hone judgement, sharpen decision-making and augment the oversight abilities of directors seeking to boost their existing competences and better prepare for new board mandates.

Participants come from a range of backgrounds across the globe, providing the group with a broader perspective on directors’ challenges. Participants can choose to enrol for the IDP Asia cohort that features all three modules delivered on INSEAD’s campus in Singapore or one that offers Modules 1 and 3 on INSEAD’s campus in Singapore and Module 2 on INSEAD’s Fontainebleau campus in France.

Course objectives

  1. Understand the broader context in which boards operate and the responsibilities that come with a director’s mandate.
  2. Provide an overview of the knowledge and competencies expected from directors in today’s environment.
  3. Develop director-specific skills that contribute to the creation of a high-performing board culture.
  4. Hone directors' ability to challenge executives through positive exchanges focused on the key issues that underpin corporate performance.

Course outline

IDP1: Board Fundamentals: Responsibility, Effectiveness, Decision-Making and Strategy.

  • Fundamentals of director and board effectiveness.
  • Fiduciary duty and shareholder supremacy.
  • The main governance challenges.
  • Effective decision-making in the boardroom.
  • The strategy imperative.
  • Value creation at the board level.

IDP2: Board Dynamics, Efficiency and the Role of Committees.

  • CEO-board dynamics and conflict.
  • The director as a political actor and the question of power.
  • Fair process leadership: a model for the board.
  • CEO selection, oversight, evaluation and succession.
  • CEO remuneration.
  • Financial statements and red flags in reporting.

IDP3: Developing Directors and Their Boards.

  • Boards and organisations in crisis.
  • Fraud as a consequence of poor governance.
  • The challenge and opportunity of board diversity.
  • Putting it all together through a board simulation.
  • 360-degree evaluation of director strengths and development opportunities.
  • Group coaching techniques for director improvement.
  • Reflecting on roles and commitments.

New programme content as of September 2022
As the business environment changes at increasing speed and subjects such as decarbonisation and diversity, equity and inclusion take greater prominence on business agendas, it is imperative that the education of board members follows suit. From September 2022, the IDP incorporates additional material on environmental, social and governance (ESG) mandates, boardroom ethics and digital transformation, building upon and complementing foundational topics.

Target audience

Experienced directors, senior management who work closely with boards and professionals engaged in corporate governance.  Applicants must have a minimum of one year of experience sitting on a board so that they can fully benefit from and contribute to a programme that involves role play, simulations and exchanges with other participants.

Course duration

3 modules
IDP1 and IDP2: 3.5 days per module
IDP3: 3 days


Interactive classroom lectures by leading faculty and senior industry practitioners, with regional and global case studies discussion. Group interaction, role plays and simulations are integrated into the sessions.

Course Dates

Asia-Europe Campus June 2024 Intake
IDP1: 10-13 June 2024 in Singapore, 3.5 days
IDP2: 18-21 September 2024 in Fontainebleau, 3.5 days
IDP3: 9-11 December 2024 in Singapore, 3 days
Asia Campus June 2024 Intake
IDP1: 17-20 June 2024 in Singapore, 3.5 days
IDP2: 7-10 October 2024 in Singapore, 3.5 days
IDP3: 12-14 December 2024 in Singapore, 3 days


Course Fee

SID members: $36,812.03 (incl. 9% GST)
Non-members: $38,749.50 (incl. 9% GST)

CPD hours

80 hours (in total).



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