Governance for Good Alliance

Good governance applies to all types of organisations, not just public listed entities, but also private and family firms, nonprofits and charities. For good governance to flourish, it requires an entire ecosystem.

The SID Governance for Good Alliance was launched by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Mr Lawrence Wong on the occasion of the Institute’s 25th anniversary.

The Alliance brings together key stakeholders in the directorship and governance ecosystem who believe in the importance of good governance to support SID's work. Collectively, they contribute time, talent, ties and testimonials, and amplify SID’s efforts.

The Alliance is made up of regulators, government agencies, professional services firms, professional bodies, trade associations and chambers, institutes of higher learning and other organisations in the sustainability, directorship or governance space.

In setting up this Alliance, SID's main objectives are:

  • To appreciate the stakeholders in our directorship and governance ecosystem who have supported SID's work in the past and at present, and who will be supporting and collaborating with us in the future.
  • To signal that championing good governance requires an ecosystem-wide approach and we need everyone to play a part.
  • To rally others to join our cause to champion good governance. Over the years, SID has counted on partners who have collectively contributed time, talent, ties and testimonials.

SID would like to thank each organisation in the Alliance for their support. It also welcomes other organisations who believe in the importance of good governance, and would like to support SID’s work in uplifting directorship and championing good governance.