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Quarter 1, 2023


  • The New Geopolitical Challenges
  • A Perfect (Macroeconomic) Storm
  • From Small Government to Not Enough Government
  • Managing Headwinds: Focus on Sustainability and Digital
  • Rough Seas of Digital Transformation
  • Whither the Web?
  • What the Art? - Deciphering Beeple, NFTs,CryptoArt
  • Changing Priorities for Asia Business Leaders
  • Leadership in an Era of Constant Crisis
  • Navigating the Challenges Ahead
  • A Paradigm Shift in Supply Chain Management
  • Value Chain and the Creation of Value
  • Wherefore Family Offices?


  • REGULATOR'S VOICE: Business Registration and Accounting – Whither Now?
  • BOARDROOM MATTERS: Hard Term Limits for Independent Directors: About Time?
  • ASK MR SID: Let It Be a “None-Year Rule”