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Webinar - Creating Value over a Family Business Life Cycle

Webinar - Creating Value over a Family Business Life Cycle
The formation of a family business typically evolves from an entrepreneur founder’s successful growth of a commercial venture. As the business grows, family members are invariably roped in. With the next generation coming on board, new concepts of management and strategic thinking are likely to be introduced, with a push for a more professionally run enterprise. Different generational phases have different governance needs. The same is often true for the board of directors. This session explores how directors of a family board can evolve with the life cycle of the family business to become valued contributors.


1. Learn how you can help the next generation transition into the family business.
2. Prepare space for the next generation to operate.
3. Build a collective voice for the new board.

(Participants are advised to log in 5-10 minutes before the session)

CPD Hours : 1

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10/10/2019 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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