SGA 2 - Digitalisation and Innovation for NPO

SGA 2 - Digitalisation and Innovation for NPO
The digital age has dawned on us at an accelerating pace of change with no clear pattern or structure. Technologies are disrupting work behaviours across all industries, including nonprofit organisations. Leaders are gearing up to incorporate innovative thinking in their processes, systems, and outreach across all levels of organisations. The use of technology to digitise the innovations, where relevant, goes a long way in achieving new levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. The course looks at the impact of technological innovation on different industries, and what learning can be adopted for the nonprofit sector.  Participants will explore the digital transformation framework and look at corporate and nonprofit case studies, focusing on benefits derived from having innovation as their core.  The session also delves into how organisations can develop an innovation strategy, measure impact and justify return on investment. Participants will also experience the use of online tools.

Course Objectives

  1. Understand how innovation can make the difference in NPOs to achieve their mission.
  2. Update on current innovative practices, including digitisation, that work well for NPOs.
  3. Learn how to get started on driving innovation.
  4. Recognise what success means and how to measure innovation.

CPD Hours : 4

Full Course Fee :   S$400.00 (excl. GST) 
  S$428.00 (incl. GST)*
*This course has been pre-approved for VWOs-Charities Capability Fund (VCF) funding up to 28 August 2020. All exempt, registered charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) can apply for the VCF, and are required submit the approval email from NCSS to SID via email to Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, with priority to VCF-funded applicants.

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1/10/2020 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre

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