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LED Mandarin
The Listed Entity Director (LED) Programme is supported by the Singapore Exchange. It is a prerequisite course for first-time appointees on boards of listed companies, to equip them with the skills and knowledge to execute their roles as directors effectively. The focus is on the range of regulatory, compliance and corporate governance matters of listed companies in Singapore. The programme is conducted in Mandarin and designed for China-based senior management and board directors. It is a Mandarin version of the five core modules of the LED Programme.

Course Objectives:

  1. Provide an overview of the regulatory environment of a listed company in Singapore, with focus on the Companies Act, SGX Listing Manual and Code of Corporate Governance.
  2. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of a listed entity director, in the current regulatory environment.
  3. Describe the roles and functions of the board and main board committees.
  4. Examine relevant case studies in reference to the different functional roles of the board, for both conformance and performance.

Course Outline:

  1. Corporate governance.
  2. Legislation, SGX Listing Rules and Code of Corporate Governance.
  3. Directors’ duties and responsibilities.
  4. Board structure, agenda and duties.
  5. Board dynamics.
  6. Board performance.
  7. Stakeholder engagement.
  8. Environmental, Social and Governance Essentials.
  9. Case studies.


LEDM1: 19 September 2023 (9am – 5.00pm)
LEDM2: 21 September 2023 (9am – 12.30pm)
LEDM3: 22 September 2023 (9am – 12.30pm)
LEDM4: 26 September 2023 (9am – 12.30pm)
LEDM-ESG: 27 September 2023 (9am – 1.00pm)

DAY 1: LEDM1 – Listed Entity Director Essentials, 19 September 2023 (9am 5.00pm)

This foundation module guides participants on the general compliance requirements faced by companies and their boards. It sets out the personal obligations of directors and provides clarity on how compliance and governance requirements apply to the individual director and the board collectively. Facilitated by Wee Woon Hong and Hee Theng Fong.

SGX Listing Rules (Part 1)

10.30am: Coffee Break

SGX Listing Rules (Part 2)
Code of Corporate Governance
Board Structure  

12.45pm: Lunch Break
1.45pm: Board Agenda
2.00pm: Board Duties
2.20pm: Director Duties and Liabilities (Part 1)
3.15pm: Coffee Break
3.30pm: Director Duties and Liabilities (Part 2)
4.00pm: Panel Discussion
5.00pm: End of Session

DAY 2: LEDM2 – Board Dynamics, 21 September 2023 (9.00am  12.30pm)

This session covers the kind of relationship that an effective board should have with management. It describes the balance needed in the board-management and chairman-CEO relationship, and the challenges of maintaining director independence while being aligned to a common organisational goal. Facilitated by Chia Kim Huat.

The Effective Board
Boardroom Behaviour

10.30am: Break

Board/Management Relationship
Role of the Chair

12.00pm: Question & Answer
12.30pm: End of Session

DAY 3: LEDM3 – Board Performance, 22 September 2023 (9.00am  12.30pm)

This session recaps the dual role of the board in conformance and performance, and explores the concept of what constitutes performance and value creation in today’s context with multiple stakeholders. It looks at how business models, innovation and strategy can help a company create value. Facilitated by Xian Ming.

Governing for Performance
Business Models and Value Creation

10.30am: Break

Corporate Development

12.00pm: Question & Answer
12.30pm: End of Session

DAY 4: LEDM4 – Stakeholder Engagement, 26 September 2023 (9.00am  12.30pm)

This module explores the duties of the board in relation to the range of stakeholders of the enterprise (versus only shareholders). The regulatory requirements related to sustainability reporting, and stakeholder engagement in the context of the sustainability agenda, are explained. It also covers in detail the duties and responsibilities of the board towards shareholders, including corporate reporting, general meetings, investor and media relations, and crisis management. Facilitated by Lu Ling Ling and Xian Ming.


Corporate Reporting
Stakeholder Management
Shareholder Rights and Engagement

10.30am: Break

Investor Relations
Media Relations
Crisis Management

12.00pm: Question & Answer
12.30pm: End of Programme

DAY 5: LEDM  Environmental, Social and Governance Essentials, 27 September 2023 (9.00am  1.00pm)

This module will delve into the board’s role and director’s responsibilities in sustainability governance. In highlighting the TCFD recommendations and SGX Listing Rules on sustainability reporting, this session provides a foundation for board directors to drive sustainability compliance and integrate ESG factors into their business strategy.  Facilitated by Brian Ho.

9.00am: Introduction
9.05am: The Sustainability Agenda
9.20am: Governance and the Board’s Role in Sustainability
10.30am: Break
10.50am: Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
11.20am: SGX Listing Rules on Sustainability Reporting and Climate-Related Disclosures  
11.50am: Panel Discussion    
1.00pm: End of Programme

CPD Hours: 24

SID members: $3,942.00 (incl. 8% GST)
Non-members: $4,600.80 (incl. 8% GST) 

Please register online by 14 September 2023.

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