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S&C - SID Directors Conference

S&C - SID Directors Conference
The Sustainability Imperative - A Multifaceted, Mindshifting Look at Money and Meaning in the New Capitalism

The must-attend one-day annual conference for directors and business leaders

SID’s flagship conference has grown to be a much anticipated event for directors and corporate leaders to experience, network and learn on the latest megatrends and thinking to help their companies create value. The 2017 conference themed “The Sustainability Imperative” will push the boundaries further than previous conferences have.

Leaders and practitioners will share the multifaceted challenges of integrating sustainability with business strategy and execution, and the mindshift from just making money to making business meaningful. Those pushing the envelope for a new model of capitalism will discuss how practical and impactful some of the innovative approaches and hybrid organisations in this direction are.

More than just listening to international and local speakers share their perspectives, the event will be an experiential one, with on-the-ground realities of this emerging megatrend. Part of this will be through a “Global Realities Lunch” and a “Sustainability Showcase” where participants will be able to meet and interact with a spectrum of organisations from incumbents to startups and hybrid organisations, all responding to the call for a new capitalism.

In addition, the conference will launch a Guide on Sustainability for Boards, and the inaugural Singapore Sustainability Reporting Awards.

CPD Hours : 8

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