CTP 3 - Business Thinking for Sustainability

CTP 3 - Business Thinking for Sustainability
Current Topics comprise a series of talks, forums, roundtables, workshops and panel discussions on current topics of interest to directors. The format of the session depends on the topic and the partner organisations, if any.

Discuss key issues and differing perspectives on current topics related to directorship and corporate governance.

The following topics are planned for 2020 :

CTP1: Sustainability Deciphered for the Business.
CTP2: Digital Directorship.
CTP3: Business Thinking for Sustainability.
CTP4: Emerging Risk of Weaponised Digital Disinformation.
CTP5: Executive and Director Remuneration.

Note: The title, content and thrust of Current Topics, by their nature, may change depending upon the timing of delivery. New topics and sessions may be added during the year.

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