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BFS 3 - Sustainability for Directors

BFS 3 - Sustainability for Directors
Sustainability is an emerging critical topic for companies and their boards. The Sustainability Agenda is being pushed by the broad range of stakeholders from customers to investors and regulators.

This module supports the board in fulfilling its role to look at the long term viability of the company whilst understanding and respecting the competing needs of all its stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, directors, employees, customers, suppliers, authorities, society and the environment. The course will highlight the potential impact on businesses due to increasing social and environment awareness leading to enhanced corporate responsibility and modified/new business models,. The course will also address the need to setup proper monitoring and reporting on sustainability.

Course Objectives

  1. Provide an overall understanding of what sustainability means.
  2. Learn about the changing landscape and risks arising from technological, environmental and social issues, increased regulatory environment and expectations from investors and other stakeholders.
  3.  Provide insights on available tools and methodologies that can help identify business risk as well as opportunities, and to develop a framework for monitoring and reporting on sustainability. 

    Course Outline

    1. Concepts and definitions that directors need to know and understand about sustainability.
    2. Technological, environmental, social and governance trends that impact business.
    3. Risk management and sustainability.
    4. The changing rules of the game: from integrated reporting to new ways to assess company’s sustainability. This will include the new SGX “Comply or Explain” rule on sustainability reporting for listed companies.
    5. The role of the board and questions that directors should ask CEOs in relation to sustainability. 

    CPD Hours : 4

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    2/21/2018 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Singapore Sustainability Academy 180 Kitchener Road, Level 6 Skypark City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
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