Quarter 1, 2019


  • How Singapore Companies Can Adapt in an Era of Rising Populism
  • Getting to the Heart of Organisational Change
  • Transitioning from a Private to a Public Company
  • What Next? How CEOs Deal with the Challenge of Leaving the Top Job
  • From NED to CEO - A Personal Reflection
  • SID Transition: Interview with the Outgoing Chair
  • SID Transition: Thoughts of the Incoming Chair
  • Corporate Governance Revisions – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • Launch of Singapore Directorship Report and Guides 2018: The Road Ahead for Directorship in Singapore
  • Corporate Governance Roundup 2018


  • COUNTING BEANS - “True and Fair” in Times of Change
  • BOARDROOM MATTERS - The Crucial Task of Succession Planning
  • ASK MR SID - Moving the Company and CEO on
  • EXPANDING HORIZONS - Lighting the Way for Directors
  • AFTER HOURS - Training Teachers to Teach the Poorest of the Poor