Quarter 1, 2018


  • Managing Complexity
  • Thriving in the Emerging Ecosystems of the Digital Economy
  • The Future of Work is Now
  • The Future of : Manufacturing Industry, Logistics Industry, Legal and Accountancy Professions
  • Blockchain: The Future of Money and More?
  • Whither the Stock and Capital Markets?
  • Hybrid Organisations: The Emergence of the "Zebra"
  • Everyone a ChangeMaker
  • The Current State of Play in Director Remuneration
  • Corporate Governance Roundup 2017
  • BOD Survey 2017 - Trends in Board Focus and Practices


  • BOARDROOM MATTERS - Corporate Strategy in a "VUCA" World
  • Ask Mr Sid - Worried over overly-worrying about the future
  • GLOBALISATION - Globalisation: The Good, the Bad, and the Technology
  • EXPANDING HORIZONS - Learning, Unlearning and Relearning in the Future Economy
  • COUNTING BEANS - Taking ACs to the Next Level
  • AFTER HOURS - The Martial Art of Regulation