Quarter 2, 2017


  • The psychology of power
  • Power play in the boardroom
  • The Executive Board Chair: Boon or bane?
  • Types of board chairmen
  • The lead ID: How is he supposed to lead?
  • The independent director: A cut above or the same as other directors?
  • The rookie director: How effective can he be?
  • Director tenure: Stricter guidelines needed
  • Excos and the balance of power
  • The board-management relationship: How to achieve control and support
  • The CEO: Power leads to altitude sickness
  • Shareholders: Reclaiming their power and rights
  • The DCS Forum: Dualing Over Governance, Risks and Rewards
  • Shareholders vs stakeholders: For whose benefits?
  • Internal audit: Reinforcing checks and balances
  • The Audit Committee Seminar 2017: Rising above complexities


  • ASK MR SID - Removing the board chairman
  • COUNTING BEANS - The maze of shareholder power thresholds
  • SUSTAINABILITY - Sustainability – A strategic imperative for boards
  • AFTER HOURS - No child’s play