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Boardroom Matters  I : Making Sense of Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Value
1. Corporate Governance: Why Bother? Willie Cheng (446KB)
2. Governance and Corporate Valuation Soh Gim Teik (453KB)
3. Amplifying Corporate Reputation through Corporate Governance Wilson Chew (458KB)

Corporate Governance Systems and Structure
4. Regulation by Law or the Code? Lyn Boxall (458KB)
5. One and Two-tier Governance Systems Willie Cheng (447KB)
6. Corporate Governance in Family Businesses Yeoh Oon Jin (452KB)
7. On the Corporate Governance of REITs Andy Tan (447KB)
8. To Dual or Not To Dual? Adrian Chan (464KB)

9. Orderly Share Trading Adds to Confidence Marcus Chow (447KB)
10. For Compliance’s Sake Daniel Ee (458KB)
11. Back to the Future of Periodic Reporting Adrian Chan (459KB)
12. Here’s How to Create an Effective Authority Grid David Conner (447KB)
13. Board Alert for the Personal Data Protection Act Yeoh Oon Jin (446KB)
14. Data Protection: Turning Compliance into Opportunity Lyn Boxall (447KB)
15. Beware of Anti-Corruption Laws Annabelle Yip (459KB)

16. To Be or Not To Be – An Independent Director? Mike Gray (447KB)
17. Conducting Due Diligence before Accepting a Directorship Mike Gray (447KB)
18. Multiple Directorships: How Many is Enough? Eugene Kang (464KB)
19. Director Interlocks and Conflicts of Interests Eugene Kang (458KB)

Director Independence
20. The Search for Independence Lim Chin Hu (447KB)
21. Who Should Judge on Independence? Adrian Chan (447KB)
22. The Nine-Year Rule David Conner (445KB)
23. Professionalising Independent Directorship Benedict Lim (459KB)

Director Liability
24. Should Failing to Act Diligently be a Crime? Adrian Chan (446KB)
25. DO Insurance: Do You Need It? Poh Mui Hoon (464KB)

Board Diversity
26. Sense and Sensibility in Board Diversity Lyn Boxall (458KB)
27. Gender Diversity: A Mountain to Climb? Annabelle Yip (458KB)
28. Gender Diversity: Quotas, Targets and Cultural Mindsets Junie Foo (458KB)
29. Enter the Digital Director Robert Chew (447KB)
30. Board Diversity: The International Perspective Tan Yen Yen (458KB)
31. Back to Basics: Financial Literacy for Board Members Barbara Voskamp (447KB)

Board Effectiveness
32. Board Evaluation: More Can Be Done Yvonne Goh (464KB)
33. The Data-driven Boardroom Chaly Mah (458KB)
34. Towards a Paperless Board Lim Chin Hu (458KB)
35. Learning from Nonprofits – Mission Focus Robert Chew (464KB)

Audit and Financial
36. Sourcing for the Internal Audit Function Henry Tan (447KB)
37. Are Your IT Controls Truly Adequate Gerard Tan (463KB)
38. Elevating Financial Reporting Yeoh Oon Jin (452KB)
39. Levelling Up on Fair Value Chaly Mah (464KB)

40. A Question of Pay Adrian Chan (458KB)
41. Should Non-executive Directors Own Shares? Annabelle Yip (458KB)

42. Preparing for the AGM Penelope Phoon-Cohen (447KB)
43. AGMs: What Investors Want to Know Terry Wee (447KB)
44. Time for a Stewardship Code for Singapore Adrian Chan (464KB)
45. What Makes an IPO Compelling? Wilson Chew (459KB)

New Capitalism
46. Towards a New Normal for Businesses Robert Chew (458KB)
47. Integrated Reporting: Be Prepared Chaly Mah (464KB)
48. Social Enterprises: The Next Big Thing Robert Chew (453KB)
49. Engaging with Social Enterprises Teo Mee Hong (446KB)
50. Embracing the ‘New Capitalism’ Graham Owens (459KB)

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Boardroom Matters II : Of Conformance and Performance in Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance GENERAL
1. The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Singapore Joyce Koh & Annabelle Yip (70KB)
2. Branding Corporate Governance Philip Forrest (58KB)
3. Governance: Form or Substance? Neo Sing Hwee (58KB)
4. Business Ethics: Beyond Compliance to Competitive Advantage Neo Sing Hwee (58KB)
5. Should Startups Bother with Corporate Governance? Chin Hooi Yen (47KB)
6. Boards Here and Down Under: Spot the Differences Philip Forrest (59KB)

Companies Act Reform
7. CA Amendments: Less Regulatory Burden, More Flexibility Marcus Chow (47KB)
8. CA Amendments: Impact on Directors Marcus Chow (47KB)
9. CA Amendments: What Did Not Make It Adrian Chan (47KB)

10. But, I Am Only a Sleeping Director… Joyce Koh (55KB)
11. Explaining “Comply or Explain” Lyn Boxall (47KB)
12. Complying with “Comply or Explain” Lyn Boxall (47KB)
13. Reinforcing SGX Listing and Enforcement Framework Annabelle Yip (58KB)
14. Compliance Crucial for SGX-listed Foreign Firms Eugene Kang (66KB)
15. Restructuring REITs Andy Tan (58KB)

16. Your First Board Meeting Michael Gray (49KB)
17. Cutting It as a Director Benedict Lim (47KB)
18. Keep On the Right Side of the Law Michael Gray (47KB)
19. Whither the Lead Independent Director? Adrian Chan (58KB)
20. Relying on Others: Where Does the Buck Stop? Victor Yeo (47KB)

Directors in Deadlock Situations
21. Boardroom Dramas: Shareholders in Deadlock Abdul Jabbar bin Karam Din (47KB)
22. Shareholder Deadlocks: Complications for Directors Abdul Jabbar bin Karam Din (54KB)
23. Should Directors Boycott Meetings? Abdul Jabbar bin Karam Din (47KB)

Audit Committee
24. Audit Committees Must Now Work Even Harder Gerard Tan (66KB)
25. Be Aware of Financial Surveillance Yeoh Oon Jin (47KB)
26. Responding to Financial Reporting Surveillance Reviews Kevin Kwok (58KB)
27. How Good is Your Auditor? Ramlee Buang (47KB)
28. Raising the Game: The AC-Internal Audit Relationship David Toh (47KB)
29. Whistleblowers: The Directors’ Ally Michael Gray (66KB)

Board Risk Committee
30. Safeguarding Businesses from Digital Threats Yeoh Oon Jin (57KB)
31. Cyber Security: Not Just for the Tech-Hearted Lyn Boxall (59KB)
32. Social Media: Better Friend than Unfriend Poh Mui Hoon (59KB)
33. Don’t Forget the Internal Threats Gerard Tan (47KB)
34. Responding with Confidence in a Crisis Irving Low (48KB)

Nominating Committee
35. A Good Nominating Committee Can Save a Company Junie Foo (73KB)
36. Shining the Spotlight on Director Search John Lim (58KB)
37. Gender Diversity: Make It Happen Junie Foo (58KB)
38. The Crucial Task of Succession Planning Ramlee Buang (58KB)
39. Proxy Access: When Shareholders Nominate Directors Adrian Chan (48KB)

Remuneration Committee
40. An Inconvenient Question: How Much is a Director Paid? Wong Su Yen (59KB)
41. Improving Remuneration Governance Jon Robinson (66KB)
42. Boards Need to Pay Heed to Talent Management Too Ramlee Buang (59KB)

43. Strategy: More than a Board Game Wilson Chew (47KB)
44. Corporate Strategy in a “VUCA” World David Chew (47KB)

45. In the Company of Value Creation Wilson Chew (58KB)
46. Innovation: Why Boards Should Care and Lead in It Poh Mui Hoon (47KB)
47. Getting Innovation on Board Robert Chew (54KB)
48. Being Sensitive to IP Lyn Boxall (58KB)

Effective Boards
49. Balancing Conformance and Performance in a Volatile Environment Irving Low (47KB)
50. The Effective Board Willie Cheng (55KB)

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Boardroom Matters  III : Towards Effective Boards

Types of Directors
1. Good Directors Hard to Find Adrian Chan (44KB)
2. Keeping the Bad Directors at Bay Adrian Chan (45KB)
3. Ugly Directors: A Little in Each of Us Adrian Chan (44KB)

Corporate Governance Systems and Structure
4. Will the Truly Independent Director Please Stand Up? Willie Cheng (56KB)
5. Role of Non-Executive Directors in Strategic Decision Making Eugene Kang (56KB)
6. Nominee Directors Face Difficult Balancing Act Lee Kim Shin (44KB)
7. Becoming a Non-Profit Director Usha Menon (45KB)

Board Effectiveness
8. Governing for Performance V Ramakrishnan (51KB)
9. Board Performance Dashboard V Ramakrishnan (50KB)
10. Crossing the Governance Chasm: From Assessment to Performance Lawrence Loh (51KB)
11. Setting the Right Board Culture Philip Forrest (50KB)
12. The Importance of Evaluating the Board Philip Forrest (62KB)

Board Duties and Practices
13. The Role of the Board in Corporate Culture Philip Forrest (44KB)
14. The Exco and Its Challenges and Relevance in a Digital Age Ng Siew Quan (56KB)
15. Minimising Circular Resolutions in Board Decision-Making Ng Wai King (44KB)
16. Mediation: An Alternative Dispute Resolution Method That Boards Should Adopt Daniel Ee (56KB)
17. Riding Out a Short-seller Crisis Elaine Lim (45KB)
18. How Boards Can Add Value to Start-ups and Their CEOs Eugene Wong (45KB)

Audit & Financial Statements
19. Achieving Quality Financial Statements Yeoh Oon Jin (45KB)
20. How Internal Auditor Can Be More Effective Ho Yew Kee (56KB)
21. Auditor Rotation – Is It Time? Willie Cheng (44KB)

Risk Governance
22. Revisiting Board Risk Governance Structures Irving Low (50KB)
23. Risky Business Lyn Boxall (44B)
24. Black Swans and Risk Management David Chew (45KB)
25. Risk Governance for IT Outsourcing Marcus Chow (51KB)

Digital Disruption
26. The Challenge of Steering Business Model Innovation Poh Mui Hoon (68KB)
27. The Digital Journey Stephen Raj (45KB)
28. Digital Disruption: The SME Imperative Wilson Chew (58KB)
29. Affording Information Security Lyn Boxall (57KB)

Board and Gender Diversity
30. Dealing with Diversity Fault Lines Eugene Kang (45KB)
31. Boards Must Mind the Talent Diversity Gap Max Loh (45KB)
32. Narrowing the Gender Gap in Singapore Boardrooms Junie Foo (45KB)
33. Addressing the Three Disconnects of Diversity Max Loh (46KB)

The “Comply or Explain” Regime
34. “Comply or Explain” or “Comply or Else” Joyce Koh (57KB)
35. Making “Comply or Explain” Work Joyce Koh (45KB)
36. How Corporate Governance Disclosures Can Become Drivers of Value Irving Low (57KB)
37. When Shareholders Have a “Say on Pay” Shai Ganu (57KB)
38. Lessons from Lian Beng for Remuneration Committees Wong Su-Yen (51KB)

Conflicts of Interest
39. Duties in and Consequences of Conflict of Interest Situations Gerard Tan (63KB)
40. Perception is Reality in Conflicts of Interest Gerard Tan (46KB)
41. Determining Interested Persons and Related Parties Gerard Tan (45KB)
42. How Would One Know That It Is a Conflict of Interest? Gerard Tan (51KB)

Director Liability
43. When Are Directors Personally Liable for Corporate Debt? Victor Yeo (63KB)
44. Personal Liability of Directors in Corporate Insolvency Victor Yeo (57KB)
45. Time to Review Director Indemnity and Insurance Coverage Victor Yeo (45KB)
46. Can Company Indemnities and D&O Really Protect Directors? Lee Kim Shin (51KB)

Other Stakeholders
47. For Whom Shall Boards Govern? Lawrence Loh (45KB)
48. Improving Social and the Financial Bottom Lines Patrick Liew (57KB)
49. Sustainability Reporting: Going Beyond Compliance John Lee (63KB)
50. Towards Shareholder Stewardship Adrian Chan (57KB)

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