SID-SMU Directorship Programmes

Level Advanced.
Course Description The SID-SMU Directorship Programme (SDP) was launched in 2007, the first local director training programme with formal certification. The partnership brings together Singapore Management University’s academic excellence and strength in delivering executive programmes with the Singapore Institute of Directors’ strong network of business leaders in the corporate sector. Set within an Asian context, this unique six-module programme provides a 360-degree board-level view of key strategic areas and issues faced by company directors. It aims to enhance participants’ boardroom skills and update their knowledge and ability to lead in challenging times.

The programme is organised in two tiers. Participants can obtain an Executive Diploma in Directorship by completing all six assessable modules successfully. Alternatively, participants can obtain an Executive Certificate in Directorship by completing the first three modules successfully. The modules can be taken non-sequentially, providing scheduling flexibility. Graduates from the Programme may be admitted to SMU’s Executive Development Alumni Association.

Registration for this programme is done through SMU Website.
Course Objectives
  1. Understand the role of directors and how they can serve the company more effectively.
  2. Review the decision-making mechanisms and processes of companies.
  3. Gain knowledge on corporate governance in finance, financial health of the firm and shareholder value.
  4. Acquire practical frameworks and strategies to manage risk, corporate social responsibility, succession planning and compensation.
  5. Enjoy content and schedule flexibility through the modular course design.
  6. Interact with current and new board members, faculty and leading practitioners.
Course Outline SDP1: The Role of Directors: Duties, responsibilities and legal obligations.
• Structure and operations of the board.
• Role and duties of directors and their inter-relationships.
• Liabilities and consequences of a breach of directors’ obligations.

SDP2: Assessing Strategic Performance: The board-level view.
• Mergers and acquisitions, including structuring and financing issues.
• Digital strategy, including crisis management simulation and gap analysis.
• Corporate strategy.

SDP3: Finance for Directors.
• Role of corporate governance in finance.
• Understanding corporate finance decisions.
• Understanding the financial health of a company (accounting, economic and financial analyses).
• Creating shareholder value.
• Achieving growth via mergers and acquisitions.
• Introduction to enterprise risk management.

SDP4: Risk and Crisis Management.
• Risk management, including risk ratio, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) country risk and case studies.
• Crisis management.
• Anticipating and dealing with crises.
• Implementing contingency and business continuity plans.
• Instituting recovery measures.

SDP5: Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Valuation.
• Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and impact on business value.
• Role of business valuation.
• International valuation standards.
• Business valuation approaches.
• Fair value measurement and financial reporting standards.

SDP6: Effective Succession Planning and Compensation Decisions.
• Succession planning.
• Strategic human resource management.
• Strategic talent management.
• Compensation decisions.
• Performance management review, including EVA and balanced and unbalanced score cards.
• Benchmarking CEOs and top executive pay levels.
Target Audience
Aspiring, new and current board members, senior management and professionals who work closely with boards.
Course Duration 6 modules (2 - 3 days per module).
Format Interactive classroom lectures by leading faculty and senior industry practitioners, with regional and global case studies discussion. Group interaction, and simulations are integrated into the sessions.
Course Fees
(including 7% GST)

Leading to the award of 
Modules 1 - 3
SID member: $2,996    Non-member: $3,424
(per module)

SID member: $8,560    Non-member: $9,844
(3-module package)
Executive Certificate in Directorship
Modules 4 - 6
SID member: $2,140    Non-member: $2,568    
(per module)

SID member: $6,206    Non-member: $7,490
(3-module package)
Modules 1 - 6
SID member: $14,766    ($8,560 + $6,206)

Non-member: $17,334    ($9,844 + $7,490)
(6-module package)
 Executive Diploma in Directorship
CPD Hours 24 hours per 3-day module; 16 hours per 2-day module.
(120 hours total for the complete programme).


Registration for this programme is done through SMU Website.

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