EGP - Enterprise Governance Programme (New)

Course Description This course provides a broad-based understanding of the core tenets of corporate governance with a focus on SMEs. It seeks to guide companies on best practices in board composition, structure and governance at various stages of the company’s growth to create value and promote long-term sustainability.
Course Objectives
  1. Explore the global risk landscape and the key challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs.        
  2. Understand the core tenets and value of corporate governance.
  3. Appreciate how governance requirements evolves as the business grows.
  4. Learn how to identify governance gaps and implement appropriate governance practices and standards.
  5. Gain insights from the experience of SMEs in their governance journey.
Course Outline
  1. Overview of global risk landscape.
    • Key challenges and opportunities facing the enterprise segment.
  2. Growth and the governance journey.
    • Overview of a typical company growth journey and its life cycle.
    • Changes in governance requirements along this continuum.
  3. Corporate governance and its value.
    • Overview of the core pillars of the Code of Corporate Governance and related SGX Listing Rules in Singapore.
    • Value of corporate governance
  4. Focus areas for SMEs.
    • Board composition, diversity and succession.
    • Delegation of authority and empowerment.
    • Risk management and internal controls.
    • Culture, ethics and trust.
  5. Company sharing session.
Level Essentials.
Target Audience
Business owners, directors and those involved in the management and governance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), pre-IPO and private companies seeking investment.
Course Duration Half day (lunch provided).
Delivery Classroom lecture, case studies and Q&A.
Cost SID Member : $420 (excl. GST); $449.40 (incl. GST).  
Non-SID Member : $580 (excl. GST); $620.60 (incl. GST).
CPD Hours 4 hours.


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