SDF - Startup Director Fundamentals (NEW)

Course Description This course provides a broad-based understanding of what directors, startup founders and new business owners need to know on the best practices for establishing and growing startup businesses, the essentials of corporate governance and fundraising, and their implications on business strategies.

Structured like a startup boot-camp, there will be interactive sessions with mentors from the government and the investor community who will share their knowledge and experiences, and conduct brainstorming sessions with participants on business models and fundraising. The panel discussions will incorporate sharing of founder-cum-investor success stories and discussion of the unique challenges of startups.
Course Objectives
  1. Explain the startup ecosystem, the unique roles and responsibilities of a startup board.
  2. Explain the key components of a startup constitution and board governance structure.
  3. Explain key risk management and internal control parameters.
  4. Highlight the gaps that could undermine investor confidence, and the limits and constraints that startup founders must work within to protect, grow and guide the startup for a long-term perspective.
  5. Evaluate fundraising options for startups.
Course Outline
  1. Understand the startup ecosystem and regulatory environment.
    a. The roles and responsibilities of startup founders.
    b. The roles of key government bodies such as ACRA, IRAS and MAS.
    c. Corporate governance in a startup in comparison with other companies.
  2. Startup funding options and government grants/support in Singapore.
    a. Different modes of funding: seed, angel, VC, Series A/B/C rounds (private equity) and tips for approaching the investor community.
    b. Grants through Enterprise Singapore, and other government bodies.
  3. Key components of financial management for startups.
    a. Financial reporting fundamentals for the board and regulatory bodies.
    b. Term sheet fundamentals for structuring business proposals.
    c. Importance of equity and control at every stage of funding.
Level Fundamentals.
Target Audience
Startup founders and those involved in the management and governance of startups including angel investors and venture capitalists.
Course Duration 1 day (lunch provided).
Delivery Presentations, interactive sessions, panel discussions and Q&A.
Cost SID Member : $520 (excl. GST); $556.40 (incl. GST).         
Non-SID Member : $660 (excl. GST); $706.20 (incl. GST).
CPD Hours 8 hours.


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