DCP - Directors Compliance Programme

Course Description
This programme is developed in collaboration with ACRA for the learning needs of directors of commercial companies and non-profit organisations which are incorporated as Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLGs).

Designed as an interactive session, speakers with domain knowledge in the legal, company secretarial and accounting field, will help participants understand compliance requirements with the basic statutory provisions of the Companies Act. They will also share useful and practical tips on how to be a good director. An officer from ACRA will also be on hand to answer compliance questions during the session.
Course Objectives

To help directors understand :

  1. Duties and responsibilities of a director in Singapore.
  2. Basic statutory requirements a director needs to comply with.
  3. Basic financial statements and the need to keep accounting and other records.
Course Outline
  1. Office of a director, duties and responsibilities of directors and corporate governance.
  2. Basic statutory requirements under the Companies Act, registers & resolutions, filing of annual returns, role of the company secretary and closing down a company.
  3. Understanding financial statements and keeping of accounting and other records.
  4. Compliance from the regulator’s perspective.
Target Audience
  1. Directors who have not fully complied with statutory and annual return filing requirements under the Companies Act and have received instructions by ACRA to attend this course to rectify breaches.
  2. New directors of companies and non-profit organisations incorporated as GLCs.
  3. Aspiring directors who want to know more before taking a board role.
Course Duration
4 hours.
Delivery Presentation and audience Q&A.
Cost $250 (incl. GST). – Includes course materials, lunch and tea break.


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