Seminars & Conferences

Course Description Comprise presentations by various subject matter experts and high profile speakers, panel discussions and Q&A on topics tied to the theme of seminar/conference.
Course Objectives Share and discuss key issues and differing perspectives on topics relevant to the theme of the event with the goal of elevating knowledge of directors and key stakeholders.
Course Outline

The following conferences and seminar are planned for 2018:

  1. SID Directors Conference 2018: The theme of the 2018 conference will be “Rebooting globalisation and governance in an era of disruption”. It will explore the good, bad and ugly sides of globalisation; how governments and regulators are shaping the new world order; and how companies and their boards can respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the disruption that all these are causing.
  2. ACRA-SGX-SID Audit Committee Seminar 2018: This forum will provide the latest regulatory updates as well as discuss how Audit Committees (ACs) can respond to developments such as accounting standards convergence, enhanced auditor’s report, and impending changes to the code of corporate governance.
  3. SID Directorship Report 2018: The forum will present the results of the latest study of directorships of SGX-listed companies in Singapore. It will present an analysis of the statistical data captured on each listed company director and their boards, and their compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard 2018: This forum will present the results of the scoring of the top 100 publicly–listed companies in Singapore in comparison with their peers in ASEAN, based on their 2017 annual reports.
  5. Singapore Governance and Transparency Index (SGTI) 2018: The forum will present the results of the SGTI - assessments of the corporate governance of all SGX listed companies including REITS and Business Trusts in accordance with OECD principles of corporate governance.
Level Focus.
Target Audience
Individual board directors, senior management and interested professionals.
Course Duration 2 hours to full day.
Delivery Presentations, panel discussions, exchanges by high profile speakers and Q&A.
Cost Varies.
CPD Hours Varies.


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