Seminars & Conferences

Course Description Industry experts, regulators, academics and thought leaders are invited to present on current topics and events. Presentations generally feature high profile speakers and are followed by panel discussions and Q&A sessions on related issues.
Course Objectives Share and discuss key issues and differing perspectives on topics relevant to the theme of the event, with the goal of elevating knowledge of directors and key stakeholders.
Course Outline

The following conferences and seminars are planned for 2019:

  1. SID Directors Conference 2019: The theme of the 2019 conference is “Transformation”. In this age of disruption, businesses seeking to stay ahead in the future economy must re-imagine and adapt their policies, processes and behaviours. Directors and companies need to understand how organisational transformation has to keep pace with changes in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres.
  2. ACRA-SGX-SID Audit Committee Seminar 2019: The staid and conservative world of audit and accounting is transforming. At the forum, ACRA and SGX will share details of the latest regulatory changes impacting Audit Committees (ACs). Experts and industry practitioners will discuss how AC chairs and members can respond and work effectively in the "new normal".
  3. Board of Directors Survey 2019: The survey covers the trends of board practices and attitudes over time. Presenters will also discuss their latest thinking in areas such as board environment, board structure and directorship; board practices; strategy and execution; remuneration and talent management; audit and finance; and shareholder rights and responsibilities.
  4. Singapore Governance and Transparency Index (SGTI) 2019: The forum will present the results of the SGTI, including assessments of the corporate governance of all SGX listed companies including Real Estate Investment Trusts and Business Trusts in accordance with OECD principles of corporate governance.
Level Focus.
Target Audience
Individual board directors, senior management and interested professionals.
Course Duration 2 hours to full day.
Delivery Presentations, panel discussions and Q&A with high profile speakers.
Cost Varies.
CPD Hours Varies.


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