AC Pit Stops (NEW)

Course Description The AC Chapter Pit Stop series is specially designed to help Audit Committee members dive into specific areas of significance. Other board directors and management will also benefit from the AC Chapter Pit Stops.

The series is kept focused and concise on specific topics in each session.
Course Objectives
  1. Equip Audit Committees with the fundamental understanding of specific topics to enable them to ask pertinent questions of management and the external auditors.
  2. Provide a platform for active discussion on issues relevant to Audit Committees.
Course Objectives The following topics are planned for 2018:

1.   Enhanced Auditor’s Report and IFRS Convergence.
2.   AML/CFT for Non-Financial Companies.
3.   The AC’s Role in Crisis Management.
4.   Getting Ready for FRS 116 (Leases).
5.   Harnessing the Full Potential of Internal Audit.
6.   BEPS and Other Tax Implications for Boards and ACs.
7.   What ACs Need to know about Big Data, Crowdfunding and Regulatory Technology.

Note:  The title, content and thrusts of the AC Chapter Pit Stops may change depending upon the timing of delivery.  New topics and sessions may also be added during the year for the series to remain current and relevant.
Target Audience
Audit Committee (AC) chairmen and members, individual directors and senior management.
Course Duration 2 hours. 
Delivery  Classroom lecture, discussion, case studies and Q&A. 
Cost   SID Member : $60 (excl. GST); $64.20 (incl. GST).
Non-SID Member : $90 (excl. GST); $96.30 (incl. GST). 
CPD Hours  2 hours. 


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