SYN - So, You Want to be a NonProfit Director

Level Fundamentals.
Course Description This course provides an introduction to the directorship landscape in Singapore, and the duties, liabilities and benefits of directorship in nonprofits.  Speakers will share what it means to be on the board of a nonprofit organisation and what are the key considerations of joining a nonprofit board.  With a good understanding of the nonprofit landscape and its duties and responsibilities, participants can make an informed decision before joining a nonprofit board.
Course Objectives
  1. Understand the nonprofit landscape, the different types of NPOs, and how they are different from commercial organisations.
  2. Appreciate the duties, responsibilities, liabilities and benefits of being a nonprofit director.
  3. Equip participants to make an informed decision before joining a nonprofit board.
  4. Anticipate the next steps in the personal development as an NPO director.
Course Outline 1. The director and nonprofit landscape.
2. The different types of directors.
3. Board structure.
4. The regulatory environment in Singapore.
5. Responsibilities, liabilities and rewards.
6. Joining a nonprofit board.
7. The directorship journey.
Target Audience
Aspiring and new board members of NPOs and executive directors of NPOs.
Course Duration Half day.
Format Presentation with case studies, followed by panel discussion and Q&A.
Course Fees
(including 7% GST)
This course has been pre-approved for funding by the National Silver Academy. Participants who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents aged 50 years and above in the year of course commencement are eligible to apply.
CPD Hours 4 hours.

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