STP- SGOOD Current Topics

Level Focus.
Course Description The SGOOD Current Topic series comprises a range of talks, forums, roundtables, workshops and panel discussions on current topics of interest to directors. The focus is on trending nonprofit boardroom issues and directorship matters. Hosted by SID, the format of the session depends on the topic and the partner organisations, if any.
Course Objectives
  1. Offer a platform to focus on specific areas of interest and value to nonprofit directors.
  2. Discuss key issues and examine differing perspectives on current topics related to nonprofit directorship and corporate governance.
  3. Highlight learning points and encourage thought leadership in nonprofit boardrooms.
Course Outline A specific topic, based on regulatory trends or corporate governance, will be the focus for each event. The theme is decided by SID in consultation with the partner organisation, if any. The title, content and thrust of SGOOD Current Topics, by their nature, may change depending upon the timing of delivery. New topics and sessions will be added during the year. Some of the tentative topics for 2021 are included below:

STP1: Post-Covid: The Future of NonProfit Organisations
STP2: NonProfit Board Leadership Strategy
STP3: Sustainability for NonProfit Directors
STP4: Digitalisation Strategy for NonProfit Organisations
Target Audience
Aspiring, new and current directors of nonprofit organisations.
Course Duration Half day (per session).
Format Presentation, webinar, forum, roundtable, workshop or panel discussion.
Course Fees
Varies, depending on topic and duration.
CPD Hours Varies.

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