SDP6 - Effective Succession Planning and Compensation Decisions

Level  Advanced. 
Course Description This module is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to make strategic decisions on two key personnel matters: C-suite succession planning and compensation.

Succession planning of key management positions is critical for the continuation of talent and leadership, and indeed of the company itself. However, it is not often well-practised in most companies. This module highlights the need for a deliberate and systematic approach to succession planning and encouraging the individual advancement of company talent.

Compensation of executives has come under increasing scrutiny. Directors have a role in the review and approval of executive compensation plans. This module focuses on how effective compensation plans for top executives can be developed.
Course Objectives Succession Planning.
  1. Provide an understanding of how to design a succession planning programme to ensure continuity of talent in key C-suite positions.
  2. Share approach to define the need for these key leadership roles and identify which employees should be developed to fill these positions in the future.
  1. Provide insight on how to develop effective compensation plans that are closely linked to a company’s talent strategy and aligned with its goal of creating shareholder value.
  2. Outline the different methods by which CEO and top executive compensation is benchmarked and measured.
Course Outline Succession Planning.
  1. Strategic human resource (HR) management: People as competitive advantage.
  2. Strategic HR management: CEO Succession.
    a. Are leaders portable?
    b. An inside look at CEO succession planning.
  3. Common HR management practices in the marketplace.
  4. Strategic talent management especially in the areas of acquiring, engaging, rewarding and developing talent.
  1. Compensation decisions: What every director needs to know to make effective executive compensation decisions.
  2. Metrics and measurement: From economic value added to balanced (and unbalanced) score cards.
  3. Determining how much to pay: Benchmarking CEOs’ and other top executives’ pay levels.
  4. Arriving at the right vehicle.
  5. Putting it all together: Linking pay to performance.
Target Audience
Aspiring, newly-appointed and current board members, senior management of corporations, government and nonprofit organisations and senior partners of professional firms who interact with the boards of corporations and would like to understand the intricacies of board roles and responsibilities.
Course Duration 2 days.
Format Classroom lectures, case studies, discussions, exchanges.
Course Fees
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SID member: $2,140     Non-member: $2,568
CPD Hours 16 hours.

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