SDP2 - Assessing Strategic Performance:

The Board Level View

Level  Advanced. 
Course Description This module helps directors understand about mergers and acquisitions, digital strategy and corporate strategy.

It is designed to provide directors with a comprehensive understanding of the mergers and acquisitions process and the ability to evaluate whether a merger or acquisition fits with the objective of value creation. It also aims to provide learning with a practical understanding of the digital process and the ability to evaluate what digital strategy best fits with corporate objectives.

This module will also suggest strategies that employ behavioural analysis and design in maintaining competitiveness through innovation, service, speed and styling.
Course Objectives
  1. Identify the nuances and practicalities as well as apply the techniques of valuation of companies.
  2. Describe the key issues arising out of execution of mergers and acquisitions in order to ensure that value is created.
  3. Understand the key impacts and considerations of digital disruption on organisations.
  4. Identify situations where digital transformation can be a benefit and a threat.
  5. Employ culture and leadership to drive passion and productivity.
  6. Understand and employ behavioural design in global growth.
Course Outline Mergers and Acquisitions.
1. Overview of the mergers and acquisitions market.
2. Structuring and financing issues.

Digital Strategy.
1. Digital crisis-management simulation.
2. Digital strategy gap analysis; identification of next logical step in digital strategy.

Corporate Strategy.
1. Influencing strategy as a board member.
2. Promoting strategic thinking within the organisation.
Target Audience
Aspiring, newly-appointed and current board members, senior management of corporations, government and nonprofit organisations and senior partners of professional firms who interact with the boards of corporations and would like to understand the intricacies of board roles and responsibilities.
Course Duration 3 days.
Format Classroom lectures, case studies, discussions, exchanges.
Course Fees
(including 7% GST)
SID member: $2,996     Non-member: $3,424
CPD Hours 24 hours.

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