MCD2 - Cross-Cultural Leadership and Competence (NEW)

Course Description Board diversity is often regarded as a key pillar that contributes to high-performance boards. There are tremendous benefits to be reaped from harnessing the collective wisdom from a diverse board comprising highly competent individuals from different social (i.e. gender, culture, age) and professional backgrounds. Nonetheless, the success is much contingent on the board-Chair and board-CEO dynamics.

This session draws on INSEAD research to uncover the challenges in managing cross-cultural boards while highlighting some of the cultural realities and nuances of how people think and get things done in different countries. The session will introduce conceptual framework to measure national trends, with a view to understand individual behaviours where certain key elements will be discussed in greater depth (e.g. hierarchical vs egalitarian leadership, direct vs indirect negative feedback styles). Participants will learn practical strategies to bridge cultural differences while building on similarities to enhance boardroom interaction for effective governance.
Course Objectives
  1. Uncover the challenges and pitfalls of cross-cultural board management.
  2. Develop an awareness of the cultural similarities and differences across the globe.
  3. Adapt and apply appropriate strategies and communication styles for greater effectiveness.
  4. Learn to build trust and negotiate with fellow board members in multicultural board settings.
Course Outline
  1. Cross-cultural awareness in boardroom and corporate settings.
  2. Conceptual framework to measure national trends and individual behaviours.
  3. Strategies to bridge cultural differences while building on similarities.
  4. Effective communication to enhance boardroom interactions.
  5. Board practices to build greater trust in cross-cultural board settings.
Level Advanced.
Target Audience
Directors seeking to enhance their understanding of cross-cultural board management to build greater trust and bolster boardroom interactions.
Course Duration Half day (lunch provided).
Delivery Classroom lectures, group discussion, case studies and sharing by high-profile speakers.
Cost SID Member : $450 (excl. GST); $481.50 (incl. GST).
Non-SID Member : $620 (excl. GST); $663.40 (incl. GST).
CPD Hours 4 hours.

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