SID continues to take a strategic and proactive approach in engaging the media. Press releases were issued for major SID events and statements issued with regards to its position on various issues related to directors and corporate governance.

2021-09-13_BT_Integrating sustainability into corporate governance

Posted on 9/13/2021
The board of directors is the main influencer of corporate governance within a company. Poor corporate governance can cast doubt on a company’s operations and its profitability.

2021-09-09_ST_Spac listings on the Singapore Exchange

Posted on 9/9/2021
SINGAPORE - The Singapore Exchange (SGX) this month launched new rules allowing special purpose acquisition companies (Spacs) to list on its mainboard, a move that will make it the first major bourse in Asia to offer such listings.

2021-09-09_BT_Companies can't ignore ESG because it is costly or complex, say panellists

Posted on 9/9/2021
COMPANIES must think beyond shareholders and consider their other stakeholders to ensure the long-term sustainability and resilience of their businesses ...

2021-09-08_BT_Lawrence Wong urges companies, directors to start thinking ahead, restructure

Posted on 9/8/2021
COMPANIES and directors should start thinking ahead and acting now as the need to restructure and transform will likely increase in the future, said finance minister Lawrence Wong.

2021-09-08_BT_Singapore firms can look to digitalisation and taking on capital to grow abroad

Posted on 9/8/2021
EMBRACING digitalisation and being willing to take capital from investors can be helpful for Singapore companies that are looking to grow into newer markets, said speakers at a conference on Wednesday.

2021-09-08_BT_Beyond Covid-19: Towards a net-zero world

Posted on 9/8/2021
A YEAR on, we continue to see the world battle against Covid-19. It is the single biggest humanitarian crisis we have faced since World War II, as the pandemic ravages economies, and impacts countless lives and livelihoods.

2021-08-09_BT_ecoWise seeks 4-week extension to fill audit committee vacancies

Posted on 8/9/2021
ECOWISE Holdings said on Monday that it has applied to Singapore Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo) on Saturday for a four-week time extension to appoint independent directors to fill the vacancies in its audit committee.

2021-08-09_BT_Board governance of SPACs

Posted on 8/9/2021
Effective governance requires independent directors to understand the value creation process, the risks involved, and how these risks can be managed through diligent board oversight.

2021-08-05_BT_Picking stocks: add governance assessment for a complete picture

Posted on 8/5/2021
IN evaluating whether to buy a stock, investors might typically study the company's past profit and loss statements and balance sheets, comparing the numbers with others in the same sector.

2021-08-05_BT_Singapore's corporate governance in the pandemic year: performances and prospects

Posted on 8/5/2021
With the revised Code of Corporate Governance in effect, firms have taken steps to align their practices.

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