SID continues to take a strategic and proactive approach in engaging the media. Press releases were issued for major SID events and statements issued with regards to its position on various issues related to directors and corporate governance.

2019-07-05 BT. The Need for Universal Legislation on Whistleblowing

Posted on 7/5/2019
Whistleblowers expose information on wrongdoing and misconduct. Unlike other jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia which have general whistleblowing laws, Singapore protects whistleblowers via different pieces ...

2019-06-10 BT. Preparing for an Independent Director-led Board

Posted on 6/10/2019
We are entering a phase in our corporate governance history where more independent directors (IDs) are expected to lead corporate boards with majority voting control at board meetings.

2019-05-13 BT. Responding Positively to the Nine-Year Rule

Posted on 5/13/2019
Perhaps the most controversial rule in the recent corporate governance changes has been the strengthening of the “nine-year rule” for independent directors.

2019-04-08 BT. Rethinking the AGM

Posted on 4/8/2019
Companies have traditionally used the annual general meeting (AGM) as a key platform to seek shareholders’ approval for a range of matters, including annual financial statements, appointment of external auditors, retirement and re-election of ...

2019-03-26 BT. Sias, SID jointly produce guide on best practices for shareholder meetings

Posted on 3/26/2019
THE Securities Investors Association (Singapore) or Sias, and the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID), have come together to produce a guide on best practices for shareholder meetings that represents the perspectives of investors, companies ...

2019-03-26 Guide on Best Practices for Shareholder Meetings of Listed Companies - Press Release

Posted on 3/26/2019
The annual general meeting (AGM) of a company is a time for the company’s board members, management and shareholders to interact.

2019-03-22 BT. Better engagement, but virtual AGMs also come with some risks

Posted on 3/22/2019
VIRTUAL Annual General Meetings (AGMs) should mean greater convenience and accessibility for shareholders, but may also make it easier for firms to avoid thorny questions, said stakeholders and experts.

2019-03-11 BT. The evolving state of directorships in Singapore

Posted on 3/11/2019
THE directorship landscape in Singapore has gradually shifted in the last few years, nudged by changes in the global business environment and regulatory shifts. With the changes in the Listing Rules and Code of Corporate Governance announced in...

2019-02-12 BT. Singapore forms advocacy body to level up corporate governance standards

Posted on 2/12/2019
SINGAPORE has its first permanent, industry-led body, responsible for advocating good corporate governance (CG) practices in the city state.

2019-02-11 BT. Increasing board accountability

Posted on 2/11/2019
The past year has had its fair share of corporate scandals and breaches of conduct by senior management. Some of these arose out of personal greed but there are also instances where employees brushed aside laws and regulations in order to meet ...

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