SID continues to take a strategic and proactive approach in engaging the media. Press releases were issued for major SID events and statements issued with regards to its position on various issues related to directors and corporate governance.

2020-02-24 BT.More may be prepared to speak up on corporate malfeasance

Posted on 2/24/2020
IN Singapore, where whistleblowing is not a culture and faith in management is sometimes tested, hardcoding the whistleblowing policy into the Listing Rules gives assurance for more people to come forward to expose fraud and malfeasance.

2020-02-10 BT.Data protection - taking the 'It will happen to us' approach

Posted on 2/10/2020
RECENT events have driven home the importance of data protection, especially of personal data.

2020-01-13 BT.Is gender diversity actually good for boards

Posted on 1/13/2020
The push for gender diversity, especially on listed boards, has been relentless, not just in Singapore, but also across the world.

2019-12-19 BT. Uptick in women's representation on Singapore boards this year: MSCI study

Posted on 12/19/2019
THE total number of women on Singapore company boards saw a 4.7 percentage point uptick year on year to 18.4 per cent in 2019, according to investment research firm MSCI’s study on female representation on corporate boards.

2019-12-10 BT. Female representation in boardroom needs wholehearted buy-in from all

Posted on 12/10/2019
AT THE unveiling of the Singapore Board of Directors Survey 2019, Singapore Regulation (SGX RegCo) head of listings and compliance June Sim said "the industrial sector doesn't like women".

2019-12-09 BT How to reduce decision biases

Posted on 12/9/2019
INDIVIDUALS tend to make biased decisions. For instance, heuristics guide our judgements to help us cope with human limitations in cognition and complex circumstances.

2019-12-06 Nikkei. More women on Singapore boards but diversity still lacking

Posted on 12/6/2019
SINGAPORE (Nikkei Markets) -- The effort to boost diversity in Singapore boardrooms has improved the gender balance, but the culture of relying on personal networks to find potential directors remains a hurdle for women as well as those who lack ...

2019-11-30 BT. Shareholders first or employees. What we don't talk about when we talk about CG

Posted on 11/30/2019
IN the boardrooms of Singapore, corporate governance has a distinctly Anglo-American flavour. The purpose of a firm's existence is to make money for its owners.

2019-11-11 BT When should companies issue profit warnings

Posted on 11/11/2019
A profit warning is a declaration issued by a listed company to investors through a stock exchange, advising shareholders and the public that the company’s earnings results will likely not meet expectations.

2019-11-08 The Straits Times - Poll : many firms not meeting term limit for independent directors

Posted on 11/8/2019
Moves to limit the term that independent directors serve on a company board to nine years are struggling to gain traction in corporate Singapore, a new survey has found.

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