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- BOARDROOM MATTERS - The Board’s Oversight of Corruption Risk (242KB) (DB-Q4-2018)
- The Audit Committee Seminar 2018: Rebooting Corporate Governance (1.1MB) (DB-Q2-2018)

- Taking ACs to the Next Level (317KB) (DB-Q1-2018)
- Responding to Anonymous Whsitleblowers Willie Cheng (66KB) (BM)
- Audit Committees Must Now Work Even Harder Gerard Tan (66KB) (BM-II)
- Raising the Game: The AC-Internal Audit Relationship David Toh (47KB) (BM-II)
- Whistleblowers: The Directors’ Ally Michael Gray (66KB) (BM-II)
- The Audit Committee Seminar 2017: Rising above complexities (1.3MB) (DB-Q2-2017)
- The Audit Committee Seminar - Raising the bar (56.6MB) (DB-Q2-2017)
- COUNTING BEANS - Hard work ahead for Audit Committees (254KB) (DB-Q1-2016)
- Audit committees’ duties and concerns (DB-Q2-2015-Pg 6)
- Getting audit committees and external auditors to work better together
(DB-Q2-2015-Pg 24)
- How To Handle Difficult Questions At AGMs? (DB-Issue3-2013-Pg 6)
- Issues of the day for Boards and audit committees (DB-Issue3-2009-Pg 20)
- Issues & Overview: The Credit Crisis and the Audit Committee (DB-Issue1-2009-Pg 20)
- Disclosures and Audit Committees are Key in Turbulent Times (DB Issue1-2009-Pg 21)

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2.1 Risk & Control Framework

- The need for universal legislation on whistleblowing
- Risk Management in Organisational Change (306KB) (DB-Q3-2019)

- Culture and Fraud Risk (288KB) (DB-Q4-2018)
- Cleaning Up Money Laundering (493KB) (DB-Q4-2018)

- The COSO Frameworks - A common language for combined assurance (3.5MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- Good Practice Guidance On Internal Controls, Ethics, And Compliance (DB-Issue3-2012-Pg 20)
- Internal Controls – So Who Is Responsible? (DB-Issue5-2010-Pg 16)

2.2 Risk Governance

- Can Tax Planning be Whiter than White? (249KB) (DB-Q4-2018)
- Sanctions Compliance and Opportunity (394KB) (DB-Q4-2018)

- BOARDROOM MATTERS - Should Startups Bother with Corporate Governance? (237KB) (DB-Q2-2018)
- The Boards Oversight of Corruption Risk El’fred Boo (137KB) (BM)
- For Compliance’s Sake Daniel Ee (458KB) (BM-I)
- Here’s How to Create an Effective Authority Grid David Conner (447KB) (BM-I)
- Revisiting Board Risk Governance Structures Irving Low (50KB) (BM-III)
- Risky Business Lyn Boxall (44B) (BM-III)
- Risk management at the speed of business (408KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- Governing risk and aligning strategies (23MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- Risk management case studies (9.1MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- Mitigating business risks through strategic conflict resolution (2.1MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- Criminality and technology top risks for Singapore's banking industry (504KB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- COUNTING BEANS - The importance if defining risk appetite (2.2MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- EXPANDING HORIZONS - The GRC professional (1.9MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- Risk Governance: Getting it right (DB-Q2-2014-Pg 16)
- Navigating Corruption Risk In South East Asia (DB-Issue3-2013-Pg 20)
- Managing The Risk Of Risks (DB-Issue4-2012-Pg 28)
- How To Deal With Rule 719(1) And 1207 (10) Of The SGX Listing Manual (DB-Issue3-2012-Pg 9)
- Managing Currency Risk In An Age Of High Volatility (DB-Issue1-2012-Pg 12)
- Avoiding Deer In The Headlights Syndrome (“DITH”) (DB-Issue1-2012-Pg 15)
- Financial Steering Through Turbulence And Uncertainty (DB-Issue1-2012-Pg 19)

2.3 Technology & Cybersecurity

- Understanding Initial Coin Offerings (492KB) (DB-Q3-2019)
- Are Your IT Controls Truly Adequate Gerard Tan (463KB) (BM-I)
- Risk Governance for IT Outsourcing Marcus Chow (51KB) (BM-III)
- The cyber threat landscape (3.3MB) (DB-Q4-2016)
- The Dark Web of deceit (910KB) (DB-Q4-2016)
- Cyber attack - Staying ahead of the bad guys (469KB) (DB-Q4-2016)
- Building digital services upon a secure foundation (797KB) (DB-Q4-2016)
- Trekking in a clear and present danger cyber world (492KB) (DB-Q4-2016)
- Seizing the cyber security challenge with data stewardship (314KB) (DB-Q4-2016)
- INNOVATION - Cyber terrorism - fact or fiction (292KB) (DB-Q4-2016)
- BOARDROOM Matters - Affording information security (259KB) (DB-Q4-2016)

2.4 Companies Act Reform

- CA Amendments: Less Regulatory Burden, More Flexibility Marcus Chow (47KB) (BM-II)
- CA Amendments: Impact on Directors Marcus Chow (47KB) (BM-II)
- CA Amendments: What Did Not Make It Adrian Chan (47KB) (BM-II)
- Amendments to the Companies Act (DB-Q1-2015-Pg 28)
- Upcoming amendments to Companies Act and LLP Act (193KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- Companies Act Amendments (378KB) (DB-Q1-2016)

2.5 Regulations

- Walking the Tightrope in Regulatory Interventions (246KB) (DB-Q2-2019)
- Watching Out for Stock Manipulation (462KB) (DB-Q2-2019)

- Foreigners on Boards (DB-Q2-2018-Pg88)
- New Guide on Prevention of Insider Trading (264KB) (DB-Q1-2018)
- New Registers on Beneficial Ownerships and Control of Corporate Entities (215KB) (DB-Q4-2017)
- Regulation by Law or the Code? Lyn Boxall (458KB) (BM-I)
- Orderly Share Trading Adds to Confidence Marcus Chow (447KB) (BM-I)
- Board Alert for the Personal Data Protection Act Yeoh Oon Jin (446KB) (BM-I)
- Data Protection: Turning Compliance into Opportunity Lyn Boxall (447KB) (BM-I)
- Beware of Anti-Corruption Laws Annabelle Yip (459KB) (BM-I)
- Reinforcing SGX Listing and Enforcement Framework Annabelle Yip (58KB) (BM-II)
- Compliance Crucial for SGX-listed Foreign Firms Eugene Kang (66KB) (BM-II)
- The rising cost of regulatory compliance (316KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- What Directors Need To Know About Securing Electronic Records For Evidence Act (DB-Issue5-2013-Pg 9)
- All You Need To Know About The Personal Data Protection Act (DB-Issue3-2013-Pg 8)
- Board Responsibility Under The FCPA (DB-Issue3-2013-Pg 32)
- Independent Director Acquitted Of Convictions Under The Securities & Futures Act (DB-Issue5-2012-Pg 32)
- SGX-ST Reprimand Subjected To Judicial Review (DB-Issue4-2012-Pg 20)
- Supreme Court Note (DB-Issue4-2012-Pg 22)
- Insider Trading In Singapore (DB-Issue2-2012-25)
- Are You Compliant? (DB-Issue1-2012-Pg 17)
- UK’s Bribery laws And Their Impact On Asian Trading Partners: Muddled Thinking Or Reputational Opportunity? (DB-Issue4-2011-Pg 25)

2.6 The "Comply or Explain" Regime

- Explaining “Comply or Explain” Lyn Boxall (47KB) (BM-II)
- Complying with “Comply or Explain” Lyn Boxall (47KB) (BM-II)
- “Comply or Explain” or “Comply or Else” Joyce Koh (57KB) (BM-III)
- Making “Comply or Explain” Work Joyce Koh (45KB) (BM-III)
- How Corporate Governance Disclosures Can Become Drivers of Value Irving Low (57KB) (BM-III)
- Explaining the "comply or explain" regime (331KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- BOARDROOM MATTERS - Comply Or Explain or Comply Or Else (254KB) (DB-Q1-2016)

2.7 Crisis Management & Business Continuity

- Black Swans and Risk Management David Chew (45KB) (BM-III)
- Anticipating black swans (2.4MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- Managing reputational risk in the digital age (346KB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- How to communicate during a crisis (4.2MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- Building Risk Resilience (DB-Issue1-2012-Pg 10)
- Weathering The Perfect Storm (DB-Issue4-2011-Pg 16)
- ISO 31000: The Global Standard To Guide Organisations In Managing Risks, Building Resilience Whilst Positioning To Take Opportunities In The Aftermath Of The Financial Crisis (DB-Issue3-2010-Pg 18)
- Navigating The Ups And Downs Of The Markets (DB-Issue1-2010-Pg 17)
- Resilience in 2009 – How To Thrive In A Recession (DB-Issue2-2009-Pg 15)
- Managing Cash In Crisis – Working Capital The Hidden Treasure (DB-Issue2-2009-Pg 18)

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3.1 Financial Reporting Standards

- Financial Reporting Practice Guidance No. 1 of 2020, on the Proposed Areas of Review Focus by Directors on the Financial Statements affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic
- COUNTING BEANS : Transforming Financial Reporting – For Better or For Worse? (200KB) (DB-Q3-2019)

- Ensuring the Accountability of Audit and Accounting (253KB) (DB-Q3-2019)

- COUNTING BEANS - Bring Back Conservatism (225KB) (DB-Q2-2019)

- Accounting for REITs (314KB) (DB-Q2-2019)

- COUNTING BEANS - “True and Fair” in Times of Change (271KB) (DB-Q1-2019)
- COUNTING BEANS - Accounting in a Globalised World (250KB) (DB-Q3-2018)

- COUNTING BEANS - Are you ready for IFRS? (210KB) (DB-Q4-2017)
- Elevating Financial Reporting Yeoh Oon Jin (452KB) (BM-I)
- Levelling Up on Fair Value Chaly Mah (464KB) (BM-I)
- Back to the Future of Periodic Reporting Adrian Chan (459KB) (BM-I)
- Be Aware of Financial Surveillance Yeoh Oon Jin (47KB) (BM-II)
- Responding to Financial Reporting Surveillance Reviews Kevin Kwok (58KB) (BM-II)
- Achieving Quality Financial Statements Yeoh Oon Jin (45KB) (BM-III)
- COUNTING BEANS Consolidation standards (DB-Q1-2015-Pg 34)
- COUNTING BEANS Revenue recognition standards (DB-Q4-2014-Pg 32)
- Centro: A Year On (DB-Issue5-2012-Pg 29)

3.2 Integrated Reporting

- Integrated Reporting 101 (DB-Q3-2014-Pg 22)
- COUNTING BEANS Levelling up on fair value (DB-Q2-2014-Pg 22)
- COUNTING BEANS Integrated Reporting: Be prepared (DB-Q1-2014-Pg 12)

3.3 Sustainability Reporting & Shared Value Creation

- Improving Social and the Financial Bottom Lines Patrick Liew (57KB) (BM-III)
- Sustainability Reporting: Going Beyond Compliance John Lee (63KB) (BM-III)
- The UN Sustainable Development Goals: What boards should do (605KB) (DB-Q3-2017)
- Business integrity for good governance and sustainability (377KB) (DB-Q3-2017)
- Sustainability reporting across ASEAN (339KB) (DB-Q3-2017)
- SUSTAINABILITY - Sustainability – A strategic imperative for boards (248KB) (DB-Q2-2017)
- SUSTAINABILITY - The form and substance of sustainability reporting (366KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- Sustainability: Marks & Spencer (DB-Q3-2014-Pg 11)
- Apple pioneers $ustainability (DB-Q3-2014-Pg 21)
- RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS Sustainability scorecard (DB-Q2-2014-Pg 28)
- The Rise Of Sustainability Reporting (DB-Issue3-2014-Pg 15)
- Managing the Five Capitals for Sustainable Wealth Creation! (DB-Issue2-2008-Pg 21)

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4.1 Internal Audit

- Internal Audit for the Disrupted Business (170KB) (DB-Q3-2019)
- "Enabling Integration Among the Three Pillars of Defence" By DBS Group Audit
- "Agile Auditing" By DBS Group Audit
- "Using Data Analytics for Predictive Auditing" By DBS Group Audit
- Sourcing for the Internal Audit Function Henry Tan (447KB) (BM-I)
- How Internal Auditor Can Be More Effective Ho Yew Kee (56KB) (BM-III)
- Internal audit: Reinforcing checks and balances (290KB) (DB-Q2-2017)
- Internal Audit: Beyond Assurance (271KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- COUNTING BEANS Making internal audit the AC’s best ally (DB-Q2-2015-Pg 26)
- The ins and outs of combined assurance (DB-Q2-2015-Pg 28)
- Defining An Effective Internal Audit Though Not Mandatory, It Is Important To Have A Best Practice Guide (DB-Issue3-2011-Pg 29)
- Making Internal Audit More Consistent (DB-Issue1-2011-Pg 21)
- Managing Internal Audit Cost, Effectiveness And Performance (DB-Issue3-2008-Pg 21)
- Internal Audit – Is Outsourcing A Practical Consideration (DB-Issue3-2008-Pg 27)

4.2 External Audit

- How Good is Your Auditor? Ramlee Buang (47KB) (BM-II)
- Auditor Rotation – Is It Time? Willie Cheng (44KB) (BM-III)
- COUNTING BEANS Audit quality is more than child’s play (DB-Q4-2015-Pg 42)
- COUNTING BEANS Auditors and innovation (DB-Q3-2015-Pg 32)
- ACRA meets ACs on Audit Quality Indicators (DB-Q3-2015-Pg 48)
- Re-inspiring confidence in audit (DB-Q2-2015-Pg 18)
- Reforming the audit market (DB-Q2-2015-Pg 20)
- Narrow The Audit Expectation Gap (DB-Issue1-2011-Pg 27)
- Taking the Positive Route to Negative Assurance (DB-Issue2-2007-Pg 19)

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- Putting Culture Risk on the Board Agenda (355KB) (DB-Q4-2018)
- Curbing Corruption Through Corporate Disclosure and Transparency: How ASEAN Companies are Performing (630KB) (DB-Q4-2018)

- The Evolution of the Ethical Corporate Structure (399KB) (DB-Q4-2018)

- The Morality of Doing Business Purposefully (2.6MB) (DB-Q4-2018)

- Business Ethics: Beyond Compliance to Competitive Advantage Neo Sing Hwee (58KB) (BM-II)
- Of Enron, entanglement and enlightenment (573KB) (DB-Q3-2016)
- Fighting corporate fraud on the frontline (76.6MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- The Abiding Value of Ethics in Business (The Business Times, 12 Feb 2013)
- Tackling Toxic Bosses (DB-Issue2-2013-Pg 36)
- Ten Lessons from the National Kidney Foundation Saga (DB-Issue2-2007-Pg 16)

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- Audit Committee Guide
- Board Risk Committee Guide
- AC Mini Guide
- IAS Plus - Guidance on AC
- PwC AC Resources
- EY AC Insights
- KPMG AC Guides, Tools and Templates
- KPMG Audit Committee Institute

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7.1 Corporate Governance Developments

- Corporate Governance Roundup 2018 (966KB) (DB-Q1-2019)
- Corporate Governance Revisions – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (533KB) (DB-Q1-2019)

- SGTI and CG Code 2018: Raising the National Bar on Corporate Governance (1.1MB) (DB-Q4-2018)

- The Code of Corporate Governance: Consultation Paper on CG Council Recommendations (449KB) (DB-Q2-2018)
- Corporate Governance Roundup 2017 (701KB) (DB-Q1-2018)
- 2017 SGTI Ratings (1.1MB) (DB-Q4-2017)
- The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Singapore Joyce Koh & Annabelle Yip (70KB) (BM-II)
- Borne out of crisis: A brief history of corporate governance in Singapore (DB-Q4-2015-Pg 6)
- Branding Corporate Governance Philip Forrest (58KB) (BM-II)
- Advancing the corporate governance reform agenda at the OECD-Asian Roundtable (200KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- Singapore tops regional CG rankings but may not do so next time (452KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- Launch of the “mother of all” corporate governance guides (900KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- Corporate governance: What's happened, what’s ahead (900KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- The Singapore Governance & Transparency Index (987KB) (DB-Q4-2016)
- The State of Corporate Governance Disclosures Forum (458KB) (DB-Q4-2016)
- Launch of the BRC Guide and the ASEAN CG Scorecard 2015 (962KB) (DB-Q3-2016)
- CG Roundup (692KB) (DB-Q1-2016)

7.2 Corporate Governance Value

- BOARDROOM MATTERS - Towards Shareholder Stewardship (284KB) (DB-Q2-2019)
- Corporate Governance: Why Bother? Willie Cheng (446KB) (BM-I)
- Governance and Corporate Valuation Soh Gim Teik (453KB) (BM-I)
- Amplifying Corporate Reputation through Corporate Governance Wilson Chew (458KB) (BM-I)
- Should Startups Bother with Corporate Governance? Chin Hooi Yen (47KB) (BM-II)
- 5 lessons inspired by Lee Kuan Yew on corporate governance (DB-Q4-2015-Pg 29)
- EXPANDING HORIZONS Everything you always wanted to know about corporate governance and directorships (DB-Q4-2015-Pg 44)
- What Is Strategic Thinking? (DB-Issue2-2012-Pg 33)
- Does Good Corporate Governance Translate Into Higher Firm Valuation? (DB-Issue4-2010-Pg 14)
- Corporate Governance – The Foundation For Corporate Citizenship and Sustainable Businesses (DB-Issue2-2009-Pg 26)

7.3 Corporate Governance Systems and Structure

- Professionalisation of Family Firms (403KB) (DB-Q3-2019)
- One and Two-tier Governance Systems Willie Cheng (447KB) (BM-I)
- Corporate Governance in Family Businesses Yeoh Oon Jin (452KB) (BM-I)
- On the Corporate Governance of REITs Andy Tan (447KB) (BM-I)
- Governance: Form or Substance? Neo Sing Hwee (58KB) (BM-II)
- Boards Here and Down Under: Spot the Differences Philip Forrest (59KB) (BM-II)
- Sovereign Wealth Funds, Governance, And Reserve Accumulation (DB-Issue2-2010-Pg 10)

7.4 Directors

- Launch of Singapore Directorship Report and CG Guides 2018: The Road Ahead for Directorship in Singapore (4.1MB) (DB-Q1-2019)
- Casting a light on shadow directors Lee Kim Shin (BM 10 Jul 2017)
- Time to make changes to the Nine-Year Rule? Willie Cheng (BM 13 Feb 2017)
- D&O insurance market in Singapore (5.5MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- BOARDROOM MATTERS - Directors' indemnities and insurance - How covered are you, really (4.3MB) (DB-Q2-2016)
- But, I Am Only a Sleeping Director… Joyce Koh (55KB) (BM-II)
- State of directorship in Singapore (DB-Q1-2015-Pg 18)
- Gender diversity: More fiction than fact (DB-Q1-2014-Pg 19)
- A Sleeper In The Boardroom (DB-Issue4-2013-Pg 34)
- Keeping It In The Family: Start Planning Now Or It Could Cost You (DB-Issue1-2013-Pg 27)
- Tackling Dysfunctional Directors (DB-Issue2-2011-Pg 15)
- Directors’ Duties For Companies In Financial Difficulties (DB-Issue5-2010-Pg 7)
- Who Needs Personal D&O Insurance? (DB-Issue2-2011-Pg 24)
- What Makes A Good Director? (DB-Issue3-2010-Pg 26)
- The Idea Of A “Professional” Independent Director (DB-Issue2-2010-Pg 15)
- Six Ways To Protect Independent Directors (DB-Issue4-2009-Pg 25)
- Termination Of Director In A Time Of Retrenchment (DB-Issue3-2009-Pg 16)
- Seven Steps to Effective Board and Director Evaluations (DB-Issue1-2008-Pg 8)
- Court of Appeal Considers Directors’ Duties of Supervision and Management (DB-Issue1-2008-Pg 18)
- Becoming a Company Director (DB-Issue2-2007-Pg 25)
- Independent Directors: Neither Tigers nor Pussy Cats (DB-Issue1-2007-Pg 4)
- Between a Rock and a Hard Place : The CPF Paradox (DB-Issue1-2008-Pg 34)

7.5 Conflicts of Interest

- Duties in and Consequences of Conflict of Interest Situations Gerard Tan (63KB) (BM-III)
- Perception is Reality in Conflicts of Interest Gerard Tan (46KB) (BM-III)
- Determining Interested Persons and Related Parties Gerard Tan (45KB) (BM-III)
- How Would One Know That It Is a Conflict of Interest? Gerard Tan (51KB) (BM-III)

7.6 Shareholder Power & Stewardship

- COUNTING BEANS - The maze of shareholder power thresholds (239KB) (DB-Q2-2017)
- Towards Shareholder Stewardship Adrian Chan (57KB) (BM-III)
- When Shareholders Have a “Say on Pay” Shai Ganu (57KB) (BM-III)
- Shareholder stewardship gets a push in Singapore (200KB) (DB-Q1-2017)
- To Dual or Not To Dual? Adrian Chan (464KB) (BM-I)
- The DCS Forum: Dualing Over Governance, Risks and Rewards (732KB) (DB-Q2-2017)
- For Whom Shall Boards Govern? Lawrence Loh (45KB) (BM-III)

7.7 Not-for-Profit Organisations

- Rebuilding Public Confidence In Charities (DB-Issue3-2011-Pg 17)
- Profits In Not For Profit Organisations (DB-Issue3-2011-Pg 19)

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