SDP 2 - Assessing Strategic Performance

SDP 2 - Assessing Strategic Performance
The SID-SMU Directorship Programme (SDP) was launched in 2007. It is a director training programme with a formal certification process.

The partnership brings together the Singapore Management University’s academic excellence and strength in delivering executive programmes, as well as SID’s strong network of senior business executives in the corporate sector. 

This unique six-module programme provides a 360-degree board-level view of the key strategic areas and issues faced by company directors. It aims to enhance participants’ board level skills and update their knowledge and ability to lead in challenging times.

The director plays a central role in companies. As a member of the board, the director is responsible for the running of the company and wields almost exclusively the management powers of the company.

Directors also face numerous obligations imposed on them by various legislative enactments and regulations as well as common law principles. These responsibilities and the multiple roles that directors are called upon to undertake could translate into greater liabilities for them.

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