IDP 3 - Developing Directors and Their Boards

IDP 3 - Developing Directors and Their Boards
The International Directors Programme seeks to develop more effective directors for the increasingly-complex governance challenges presented by dynamic global markets.

The programme consists of modules of three days each. They are designed to take directors to the next level by going beyond compliance and focusing on excellence in board practice. Participants may apply for the INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance, the first truly international qualification for board members from an academic institution.

Module 3: Developing Directors and Their Boards
a. Crisis and performance management
b. Tensions in value creation: which goals, how and for whom?
c. The challenges of diversity on multicultural boards
d. A board simulation - ‘playing the role’ and reflecting on it
e. 360° evaluation of director strengths and development opportunities
f. Coaching for director improvement in small group settings (with professional facilitation)

CPD Hours : 24

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