SYS - So, You Want to be a Social Enterprise Director

SYS - So, You Want to be a Social Enterprise Director
It is one thing to be a shareholder or a senior executive of a company, but being a director of a company is really something else. The role comes with formal duties, legal obligations, coupled with risks and potential liabilities. Directors have to ensure that their companies conform to rules and regulations, and at the same create value for its stakeholders.

The challenges of being a board member becomes even more pronounced when the organisation is a social enterprise – a hybrid between a commercial company and a non-profit or charity. Do the rules of commercial organisations apply (since the social enterprise is a business) or do those of charity and nonprofits apply (since the social enterprise has a social mission)? Do directors of social enterprises get paid like commercial companies or are they pure volunteers as in nonprofit boards? How do directors balance the push and pull between “doing good” and “doing well” in a social enterprise?

This introductory session will be an engaging one. It is conducted at a social enterprise café, and you will come up close and personal with those who are experienced as directors in the commercial, nonprofit and social enterprise sectors. They will cover essential aspects of:

• The social enterprise landscape including the social enterprises of NTUC.
• The directorship landscape including a sharing by one social enterprise of its structure and practices.
• Director’s duties, responsibilities, liabilities and benefits.
• Joining a social enterprise board.
• The director's journey.

So, if you have the desire to serve on the board of a social enterprise or have just started on one, this course would be a good course to provide you the insights on the workings, risks and value of being on the board of a social enterprise.

CPD Hours : 4

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8/31/2017 9:00 AM - 8/31/2017 1:00 PM
Crossings Café #01-01, 55 Waterloo St Singapore 187954

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