Singapore Directorship Report 2021

Singapore Directorship Report 2021
A specific theme, based on regulatory trends or corporate governance, will be the focus for each event. The theme is decided by SID in consultation with the partner organisation, if any. The title, content and thrust of the events, by their nature, may change depending upon the timing of delivery. The following conferences and seminars are planned, and new launches and events may be added during the year.

1.  SID Directors Conference 2021
2.  ACRA-SGX-SID Audit Committee Seminar 2021
3.  Singapore Governance and Transparency Forum 2021
4.  Corporate Governance Roundup 2021
5.  Singapore Directorship Report 2021
6.  Why Board Diversity Matters: Lessons from Best-in-Class Companies

Terms and Conditions for SID Courses/Events
Registration will commence on 01/08/2021

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