NBF - NonProfit Board and Directors Fundamentals (C)

NBF - NonProfit Board and Directors Fundamentals (C)
NonProfit Board and Director Fundamentals is an ideal introduction to being a nonprofit director in Singapore. The course provides key information on the nonprofit environment and ecosystem in Singapore, and a broad understanding of statutory and fiduciary duties and responsibilities of directors of nonprofit organisations (NPOs) to establish mission and direction, and to provide legal and fiduciary oversight on behalf of the people served, the NPO’s members and supporters, and the public.

Module 1: The NonProfit Organisation Board Building Cycle

Course Objectives

  1. Explains the “why”, “what” and “who” elements in the nonprofit sector that are required to strengthen organisational performance and health.
  2. Offers insights into how the business of the organisation is conducted, how decisions are made and by whom.
  3. Distinguishes between the responsibilities of the board to steer and influence, and the duties of the CEO to manage and implement.
  4. Identifies small shifts in behaviours and approaches to bring about greater clarity and trust in the role of the NPO leadership team.

Module 2: Care and Feeding of your NonProfit Organisation Board

Course Objectives
  1. Explains the “why”, “what” and “who” elements in the charity environment that are required to reinforce good governance as leadership strategy.
  2. Offers insights into how high-functioning boards serve as guardians of the NPO mission.
  3. Clarifies expectations of the board to set the NPO’s strategic direction and ensure availability of resources and appropriate oversight.
  4. Outlines the NPO board’s responsibility to ensure legal and ethical integrity in the organisation.
  5. Identifies small shifts in processes and habits to bring about greater respect and rigour on ways the NPO leadership team carries out its responsibilities.

CPD Hours : 8

Full Course Fee :   S$856.00 (excl. GST) 
  S$800.00 (incl. GST)*
*This course has been pre-approved for VWOs-Charities Capability Fund (VCF) funding up to 28 August 2020. All exempt, registered charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) can apply for the VCF, and are required to submit the approval email from NCSS to SID via email to events@sid.org.sg. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, with priority to VCF-funded applicants.

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