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MCD4-Leading from the Chair: What it takes to be Effective

MCD4-Leading from the Chair: What it takes to be Effective
The work of the board chair is done behind closed doors. Little is known about the people who preside over what is the most powerful body in any organisation – the board of directors.

This session presented by Dr. Stanislav Shekshnia of INSEAD, will explore some key challenges chairs of boards or board committees face. Drawing upon INSEAD research findings on the workings of board chairs in different countries, the session will discuss the specific strategies to address the challenges:

  • The duality and actual ambivalence of the chair’s role as both group leader and facilitator and coach of group performance
  • Tensions between task and result orientation and one more focused on supporting the dynamics of the group
  • Inside versus outside focus of the board
  • Management of key stakeholders: principals or agents. 

The session will look at the 3Es (engage, enable and encourage) leadership as a behaviour strategy to create a dynamic frame which ensures high performance of groups of senior professionals such as boards of directors, board committees, temporary executive teams and task forces. It will also address cultural differences at board level as well as cover specifics of effective board chairs in the Singapore context.

Provide an overview of the role of the chair of the board and board committees in different governance structures and cultures:

1. Highlight the specific challenges faced by board chairs and other leaders of professional groups.
2. Discuss behavioral strategies to deal effectively with those challenges and apply them to specific situations faced by participants.
3. Identify factors that make chairs effective in today’s contemporary business world and in Singapore specifically.

1. Context for the chair’s work: macro and micro-environment, ownership structures, types of business and board composition.
2. Chair’s roles and functions in different contexts.
3. Key challenges of leading professional groups.
4. Practices of board chairs through engaging, enabling and encouraging (the 3Es leadership).
5. Specific practices of effective chairs in Singapore and across cultures.

CPD Hours : 4

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1/23/2018 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Marina Mandarin Singapore
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