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CTP 5 - Data and Insights-Driven Digital Innovation

CTP 5 - Data and Insights-Driven Digital Innovation
Digital revolution has transformed the way companies anticipate customers’ needs.

Leading businesses have made great strides in adopting digital platforms to enhance customer experience and improve returns on technology, and more companies are looking to data for insights-led innovation. Data analytics can provide forward-looking strategic insights into how businesses can capitalize on the opportunities afforded by digital technology while also allaying the concerns of consumers.

Digital revolution, and its consequences, offer a great opportunity to transform. However, capturing the rewards of a digital world requires considerable commitment and a proactive approach to move the digital transformation needle.

Companies that have internalized the disruption urgency and overcome the inertia of current success to transform their business do so by overhauling their incumbent business models for the digital age, not simply evolving their product and service portfolios; creating a culture of being first-mover to disrupt; fostering cross-industry and cross-sector collaborations; transforming the talent model; hiring across industries for entrepreneurialism and diversity of thought and experience; and encouraging dedicated innovation capabilities to enable continual innovation and transformation.
Companies that have not yet taken digital transformation seriously risked being left behind in this new age.

Join us for this session where we will look at how digital technology is changing the business landscape in Singapore and Asean and discuss and exchange views on how we can better overcome the challenges companies are facing with regards to their data and analytics strategy and the “human element”. We will explore how organizations can overcome the lack of collaboration between IT, the data and analytics team and the business. We will also explore topics close to the heart of boards such as digital governance, risks and challenges in data management including insights on the changing nature of work, artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotic process automation.

CPD Hours : 2

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6/21/2018 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
FTSE Room, Level 9, Capital Tower
Online registration not available.

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