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CTP 5 - The Diversity Conundrum

CTP 5 - The Diversity Conundrum
Board diversity is a hotly-debated topic and understanding the underlying issues will help directors respond to what makes an effective board. Diversity of experience, thought and action are the three critical pillars within the boardroom that need conscious nurturing. This is to avoid groupthink and foster constructive debate. Russell Reynolds Associates takes a closer look at the diversity status of Singapore boards and discusses the challenges and solutions in the Singapore context.

Course Objectives

  1. Analysis of diversity in the context of Singapore listed boards.
  2. Ways to create diversity in the boardroom.
  3. Making board diversity an effective tool to support organisational leadership.
  4. Where individual directors can make a difference in ensuring greater board diversity.

CPD Hours : 2

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6/18/2019 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Capital Tower
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