CTP 7 - Business Value of Sustainability

CTP 7 - Business Value of Sustainability
The Singapore Exchange’s comply-or-explain sustainability reporting requirements mandate sustainability reporting for all listed companies in Singapore.

Is this new requirement really just additional compliance burden?

Often, there is a perceived disconnect between the business agenda of maximising profits and a business’ sustainability reporting responsibilities. As a result, businesses may find it a challenge to reconcile these objectives and derive value from their sustainability reporting process.

With the right perspective, businesses can enjoy tangible benefits from the sustainability reporting process and unlock opportunities previously overlooked when efforts are focused on improving short term financial returns, with cursory attention for environmental, social and governance issues that would potentially have significant impact in the medium to long term.

Starting with a clear sustainability strategy, through to meaningful stakeholder engagement and a robust analysis of forward-looking, non-financial risks and opportunities, businesses can, and have, translated the sustainability reporting exercise into a boardroom discussion around the protection and enhancement of business value.

At this talk, Mr Ian Hong, Partner of Sustainability Services in KPMG Singapore, will share his experience and insights on how businesses may derive value from its sustainability

CPD Hours : 2

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6/27/2017 9:00 AM - 6/27/2017 11:00 AM
Marina Mandarin Singapore

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