BFS 2 - Cyber Security for Directors

BFS 2 - Cyber Security for Directors
With growing and relentless cyber attacks on companies, cyber security has moved from the server room to the boardroom. This course is organised in collaboration with leading organisations in the field of cyber security, and provides directors with a primer on the emerging trends in cyber security and the strategies and tools available to manage cyber risks. Participants will experience an immersive cyber crisis war game and engage with cyber security experts in post-game analysis of their decision-making process.

Course Objectives

  1. Understand the cyber security landscape.
  2. Appreciate real-time considerations during a cyber attack and the responses.
  3. Learn how organisations can detect, prevent and recover from cyber breaches.
  4. Know the board’s oversight responsibilities in cyber security, and considerations when assessing an organisation’s preparedness.
  5. Understand how to manage risks and harness business opportunities in emerging technologies such as 5G and Internet-of Things (IoT).

CPD Hours : 4

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Registration will commence on 03/08/2021

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