BFS 1 - Disruptive Technologies for Directors

BFS 1 - Disruptive Technologies for Directors
Technology is moving so rapidly and in so many directions that it becomes challenging to keep up. Yet, companies must keep up and evolve, or they would fall by the wayside. Directors, too, as fiduciaries of their companies, cannot ignore the relentless tide of technology that is changing the basis of competition, disrupting old business models and redefining industries.

This course aims to provide directors with an overview of the current trends in technologies, with a focus on major disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, mobility and social media. It will be conducted by technology experts using case examples and demonstrations of innovations to showcase how these disruptive technologies can be harnessed in a hands-on experiential manner, and most importantly, how they can be applied to business.

Course Objectives

  1. Provide an overview of disruptive technologies and how they are evolving in the digitalization of industries
  2. Provide a greater understanding of following major disruptive technologies: Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Data Analytics, Social Media and Mobility and reflect on the impact and challenges of leveraging on disruptive technologies
  3. Appreciate the significance of digital directorship

Course Outline

  1. Present the major technology trends.
  2. Deep dive with demonstrations, case studies into:
    a. Internet of Things (IoT)
    b. Cloud
    c. Data Analytics
    d. Social Media and Mobility

CPD Hours : 6

Terms and Conditions for SID Courses/Events

5/25/2017 9:00 AM - 5/25/2017 3:30 PM
Accenture Level 35, Raffles City Tower 250 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179101

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