AC Pit-Stop: Demystifying Sustainability Reporting and IR

AC Pit-Stop: Demystifying Sustainability Reporting and IR
Pit-Stop: Demystifying Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting

In the face of mounting pressure to be transparent from all aspects of a company’s performance, a growing number of stock exchanges have introduced the requirements to disclose a company’s non-financial or sustainability performance in a form of a Sustainability Report. In Singapore the SGX has taken a forward step by announcing in June 2016 the “Comply or Explain” sustainability reporting requirement which is to become effective from financial year 2017 onwards.

Companies that do not publish a sustainability report may appear less transparent than competitors that do, coming across as laggards or even non-compliant in the case of listed companies.

Over time it is also expected that annual reports too will evolve wherein the disclosures will go beyond reporting of statutory financial performance to disclosing fully the value being created by the enterprise and how it will be sustained in the future through the enhancements in the six capitals that typically are at the command of the organization – financial, manufactured, human, intellectual, societal and natural capital.

Those that disclose expansively, and with sufficient rigor, would naturally gain the confidence of all key stakeholders relevant to the organization thus gaining support for their license to continue to operate and grow their business.

At this session, we will discuss the rationale for non-financial reporting and also the principles and requirements of both sustainability reporting and integrated reporting. Participants will gain an understanding of the key differences between the two reporting frameworks to understand the suitability of each reporting framework to the company as well as how they can embark on the journey of non-financial reporting.

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11/16/2017 9:00 AM - 11/16/2017 11:00 AM
Ernst & Young LLP One Raffles Quay North Tower Level 18 Singapore 048583

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